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Thousands pack convention center to see Trump in San Diego

If this was a sporting event the term “sold out crowd” could be used to de­scribe what was a very charged rally at the San Diego Convention Center where thousands gathered to see the presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump speak Friday (May 27) as the Memorial Day weekend began.

KUSI TV’s John Soderman, who was covering the event told The Times-Advocate, “There were at least twenty-thousand people.” Not all of them were able to get inside for the big event and had to listen outside the convention center. Thirty-five pro­testers were arrested near the conven­tion center but no injuries or property damage was reported by the San Di­ego Police Department.

One of the speakers before Trump was former Vice-Presidential candi­date and former Alaska Governor Sar­ah Palin. She didn’t hesitate to take a shot at President Obama—who at the time was visiting Japan. She said it was “stupid thinking that it is OK on the Memorial Day weekend for the Democrat leader to take another apol­ogy lap, this time dissing our vets, with claims that our greatest genera­tion perhaps perpetuated the evil of World War II.”

Trump took to the stage to the mu­sic of “Y’all ready for this” by Jock Jams. Trump responded to the cheer­ing crowd: “Wow what a crowd” and joked “How many people ya think fit in this room?” Trump also said he “loved the people of San Diego.”

Trump then welcomed some of San Diego County’s local military heroes on stage and thanked them for their service. This prompted the crowd to start chanting “USA USA USA!” On the stage with the heroes were former Congressman Duncan Hunter Sr. and his son current Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr. and Congressman Darrel Issa.

Trump then announced that his campaign “raised more than $5.5 mil­lion dollars to donate to Veterans” and would “release a full disclosure of their charity efforts on Tuesday June 2nd.”

Trump had a few things to say about the state of the Democratic race here in California. “We are going to win the state of California because people are tired. People are tired of the Hill­ary Clintons of the world. It’s all talk, it’s no action, it’s Crooked Hillary. It’s the same stuff, and our country can’t take another four years of Obama.”

He praised Senator Bernie Sanders, who is still locked in a delegate fight with Hillary Clinton for the Demo­cratic nomination. “Bernie Sanders has been great. We like Bernie, I like Bernie. You know why I like him? He doesn’t have a chance, and what he’s doing to [Hillary] is incredible. Because the system is rigged against Bernie. Did you ever notice, he wins, he wins, he wins, he wins.”

Trump spoke for about ten minutes about a current lawsuit in federal court that he is involved with regarding Trump University. “The case [which will take place in San Diego] will be taking place in November the same time as the president election.” He added, “The case was a disgrace,” and said, “The lawsuit should have been dismissed at summary judgment.” He took aim at U.S. Federal Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is judg­ing the case, and who Trump said was prejudiced against him.

Turning to education, health care and the Second Amendment, Trump declared,

“We’re going to knock out Common Core. We’re going to bring our educa­tion to a local level and we’re going to do great. Repeal and replace Obam­acare!” On the Second amendment Trump took another jab at former Sec­retary of State Clinton saying: “We are going to save our Second amendment. Remember, Crooked Hillary wants to terminate, wants to abolish our second amendment.”

In closing Trump said, “We’re go­ing to win on education. No more Common Core, bring it down, bring it down, we want it local. We’re going to win with health care. We’re going to win at the border. We’re going to win at trade. We’re going to win so much that you people are going to be call­ing your President and you’re going to say, ‘please Mr. President, we don’t want to win anymore you’re winning too much. You’re driving us crazy!’ And I’m going to say, ‘I am very sorry but we’re going to keep winning. And we’re going to win, win, win, and we’re going to make America great again!’ ” He concluded, “I love you San Diego, get out and vote. Get out and vote. We’re going to win Califor­nia, thank you everybody.”

Editor’s note: Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr. and Darrel Issa did speak earlier in the day. Unfortunately The Times Advocate was unable to cover those speeches because the Trump campaign denied us press access to the event.

In an e-mail to our publication the Trump campaign said “With the abun­dance of requests for media creden­tials, we have to take proactive mea­sures with our credentialing process to ensure the success of each event.” they also said “We must limit the number of credentialed media and give prior­ity to our national and local outlets.”

This is ironic considering that the Escondido Times Advocate and its sis­ter publication The Valley Roadrunner are local outlets in North County.

Don’t forget primary day is on June the 7th. GET OUT AND VOTE! And keep reading the Escondido Times Advocate for the latest on Election 2016.

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