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Third Ross store going in old CVS pharmacy building

Renovation of the old CVS Pharmacy into the new Ross has begun.

It’s a sign of Escondido’s status as a growing, vibrant city that a third Ross Dress for Less store will be opening soon, this one in the eastern part of town, in the 69,780 square foot Escondido Town & Country shopping mall on East Valley Parkway that includes Big Lots and Del Taco.  The address of the shopping center is 1625-1665 E. Valley Parkway.

You can see construction beginning on the remodel of the old CVS Pharmacy to transform it into the newest Ross store. 

John D. Jennings, senior managing director of Newmark Knight Frank, which manages the property for the owners, spoke to the Times-Advocate earlier this week. He was able to share a lot of information about the new store but wasn’t ready to release the designer’s drawings because they are still working with city staff on the final design. 

“It’s going to be a huge draw at the site,” he said. “They are doing so well they are not closing any of the existing stores. They are very happy in Escondido.”

He said that most retailers aim at serving a three-mile radius. “You look at the drive time to get from East Escondido to West Escondido and it takes a while. As you know, more density is coming to town.”

The three-mile radius from the new Ross has an estimated population of about 134,000.

Jennings added, “We are excited about getting some quality tenants.”  He noted that Navy Federal Credit Union would be leaving the center at the end of the year and that all of the other tenants, such as Mikki’s Café and Big Lots are staying. “We will try to fill with up the center with quality tenants, such as a small boutique fitness, medical or maybe a small restaurant.”

A site plan shows where the new Ross will be in relation to other tenants in Escondido Town & Country.

13 responses to “Third Ross store going in old CVS pharmacy building”

  1. SoCal Bakerman says:

    Ross is a discounter, not really a sign that Escondido is a growing and vibrant city. A Ross and a Big Lots and finally a Del Taco anchored center, shows that the surrounding community is poor and is looking for cheap goods. I like the rose colored spin on the development but it just reinforces the view that Escondido, especially East Valley Escondido is full of poor people.

    • That is an ignorant comment. I am in no way poor, Ross is an excellent retailer for families of all sizes and budgets. It is a sign that Escondido is growing and expanding. It’s not a Dollar store, liquor store, or strip club so it is moving in the right direction. Your privilege is showing, you need to calm down.

      Happy Friday.

      • Monika says:

        Exactly great response some people got their head shoved so far up their a… geez 🙄 anyway I’m exited for this Ross on this side of town . Ross has a lil bit of everything for everyone including name brands thank youuuuu 😉👌🏼💙🙏🏻

    • Jack says:

      Your comment shows your an idiot. There is nothing wrong with this store. Plus it will bring jobs to the area. I guess if you don’t like it you can move to the border.

  2. Mike Gee says:

    It took 2 years to get the other Ross built and opened on center city. what’s the hold up on these projects? Ross stores are not making Escondido vibrant or growing, They are cheap consumer stores. We need to get a replacement for Co Co’s and Marie Calendars in this town.

  3. Jared Winkler says:

    I don’t see Ross filling a vacant site as a sign of growth. E Valley is becoming more and more composed of cheap discount stores. But it will be a shiny new thing and…that’s something I guess.

  4. Sarahi says:

    Agree with SoCal Bakerman. The Ross is a compete downgrade for the community. What a shame. Miss the CVS.

  5. Nan Flynn says:

    Ross is no “Upgrade” it’s so low budget. Good Grief not an upgrade

  6. Patrick N Brown says:

    Just wondering where all these poor people are living in East Escondido? There are new homes being built all around the area in the 700k dollar range, if that’s poor you must be Trump.

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