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There’s a lot of legislating going on



April has been a busy month in Sacramento. Happily, many of my bills are moving forward, includ­ing Assembly Bills 2227 and 2061. In an effort to reduce reckless driv­ing caused by repeat offenders, AB 2227 provides that a person who drives with a suspended license and who causes bodily injury to another person must serve at least the minimum sentence for that offense. These offenders would not be eligible for early release through community service or work release programs. This bill brings clarity for police issuing citations. AB 2061 will prioritize grant applications for employers who will hire previously incarcerated individuals under the state’s Su­pervised Workforce Training Grant program, encouraging employment for individuals who have been released from prison. By making it easier for a business or non-profit to hire rehabilitated persons, these individuals will receive training and learn important skills that many of them lack, helping to bridge the gap between incarcera­tion and the workplace. Bi-partisan passage of these bills is further evidence of growing co­operation in Sacramento. While we still disagree on many fundamental issues, we are often able to come together to support important poli­cies that impact all Californians. AB 2227 and AB 2061 are perfect examples, having passed their re­spective committees in unanimous votes last week. Both bills will face additional committee hearings and a floor vote before final As­sembly approval. Over the next few months, the leg­islative calendar will be packed as we continue to review hundreds of bills, along with next year’s bud­get. I will keep you updated as the session progresses.

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