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The throne of political correctness


Drew Brees represents the ultimate American sports hero. He is humble, respectful, community, and family-oriented and generous with his wealth and his time. He is, or at least was, the poster boy for an All-American Team Leader. 

Brees recently commented on “kneeling” demonstrations to show solidarity over the brutal death of George Floyd while in police custody. He was asked if Colin Kaepernick was, in hindsight, right to reject showing allegiance to the flag and the national anthem before NFL games. Brees had the temerity to say he respects the men and women who have sacrificed for their country and the freedom that our American flag and national anthem stand for. 

For that, he was immediately “gaslighted” by some of his teammates and other self-appointed enforcers of the Social Justice Movement’s “Cultural Revolution.” 

What exactly is “gaslighting”? The term originally came from a play in 1938 that described how a husband slowly tortured and enslaved his wife by convincing her she was going insane. It has become popularized to explain how wife-beaters dominate their wives and why spouses accept physical and psychological abuse and often blame themselves for the destruction of their relationship.

In 2017 a psychological researcher named Lisa Aronson Fontes wrote the book “Invisible Chains” that describes brainwashing techniques originally developed to indoctrinate cult members or conversely, to convert prisoners of war. She called the process “Perspecticide” because it causes the death of the victim’s unique perspective. The techniques she identified are designed to rob their target of their own identity and replace it with a more malleable and compliant version. 

Besides being universally present in cases of spousal abuse, similar techniques are used to rebuild the lives of drug addicts and alcoholics or to train new military recruits to become fighting machines. In the more modern political form, it is used to convert vacillating moderates into Progressive Social Justice Warriors and Democrat voters. 

In her book, Ms. Fontes was trying to understand women who cannot escape abusive relationships, and often end up “not knowing who they are.’”  When OJ Simpson went off and attacked his wife Nicole, she would refuse to press charges because OJ made her feel responsible for “making me crazy.” Photos released during the trial for her murder showed that he beat her, yet OJ was never convicted of spousal abuse. Unfortunately, Nicole dismissed his manic behavior as that of a forlorn lover with a drinking problem. He had reordered her judgment just enough it ultimately cost her her life.

In 1966 Mao Zedong used gaslighting techniques to enslave billions of Chinese citizens implementing the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Similar techniques have become the hallmark of all Communist revolutions ever since. The brainwashing is so powerful it removes the conscience that normally stops people from rampages, violence, and murder. Roving hordes of Chinese students (self-appointed Red Guards) killed innocent elderly men, women, and even children who were deemed counter-revolutionaries because they were too slow to accept the doctrine of “The Great Leap Forward.”

In 1978, collectivist cult leader Jim Jones convinced 900 recruits to murder themselves and their children in one of the world’s worst incidents of mass murder. Both events are examples of mass perspecticide and unbridled righteousness.

I find it particularly ironic that a great football player and well respected human being such as Drew Brees has fallen victim to gaslighting. Football is uniquely about the unity of purpose and mutual respect. Brees had to overcome a litany of injuries and stereotyping to become one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. His work ethic and sense of solidarity with his teammates and his community have never been challenged. 

That all vanished when he spoke about his reverence for the American Dream and the generations of men and women who sacrificed to pass it on to us.

The truth is, like most Americans, Drew Brees doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. Likewise, he has been put in the terrible position of being pressured into apologizing for something he is not, was not and never will be. I am 100% positive he meant precisely what he originally said but was forced to disown his patriotic words just as American prisoners of war were forced to do when captured by Communist regimes in China, North Vietnam, and North Korea. Drew has become a prisoner of war in the Progressive Jihad, which is a pseudo-religious movement disguised as a cultural revolution.

America has been careening from one hysterical cultural crisis to another, all designed and driven by those who would fundamentally change America. The race issue is just a Straw Man. The Progressive Jihad is on a warpath to convert unbelievers, or destroy those who resist. They are using the threat of violence and public shaming to induce Drew Brees and people like you and me, to kneel before the Throne of Political Correctness.

Rick Elkin is an artist, author, and columnist. His most recent book, The Illusion of Knowledge: Why So Many Educated Americans Embrace Marxism, is available at most online booksellers. He resides in Escondido, California. You can follow him at

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4 responses to “The throne of political correctness”

  1. Joseph says:

    Yes and America has done this same technique from as early as the “Christopher Columbus” days, enslaving numerous cultures and washing away their past both forcefully and psychologically so what is the point of this article?

  2. Michelle Bothof says:

    APPLAUSE for this article. I pray American’s wake up and see that so many have become sheep, blindly following the herd to the slaughter of American Democracy, Rights, and Freedoms

  3. Robert Daumiller says:

    When the NFL Troglodytes began to kneel during our National Anthem, their actions had little to do with “protest” or social justice. Thereafter come could not state why they were doing it. It was an insult to America, the only country in the world that permits these knuckle-draggers to earn exorbitant incomes for playing a game. Brees stood up for his belief – one thought – then caved into the Mob, perhaps fearful of losing his exorbitant income. So much for woke. American History and civics have been missing from our K-12 curriculum for decades and it shows. Protests are not to tear down statues or destroy property to to intimidate. They are to wake up and educate. The NFL has no clue. Read Lenin, et al and wake up. If this keeps up, your modern day social scientists will eliminate any free speech or right to assemble anywhere they do not like it.

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