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The Threat from Within

I have a very serious question to ask: Just how well versed are you on high school and college curriculums? If you have children in high school, you probably visit the campus a couple of times a year for introductory meetings. You tour the classrooms and get a chance to meet the instructors.

All well and good. I always came away feeling great about the schools my kids attended.

You may occasionally get involved with helping your kid do homework, construct a project or get ready to make a presentation. All good…

The problem is that you seldom, if ever, visit a classroom lecture, or an auditorium rally or seminar. Especially after your kids go away to college.

Why is this important?

Because a lot of the data conveyed to them is weighted, pre-suppositions that can have huge impacts on their collective point of view of the world. For example, every school assumes that global warming is a serious threat to mankind. So, a whole generation is now convinced that mankind, and most egregiously America, is effectively destroying the planet, and by extension, their future.

What’s wrong with that?

Well, schools are places of advanced learning, and one of the principal rules of scientific inquiry is that no science is settled science, yet that is precisely what they are being taught; Global Warming is settled science!

From that questionable platform, leftists build their case that all of the accepted history of our country is biased and false. That American Exceptionalism is a construct of our military industrial complex, that enforces American xenophobia and dominance of trade and labor all over the world.

The same principles apply to Political Science; students are being taught that America is a racist and imperialist nation, whose success was based on slavery, white privilege, and excessive exploitation of the world’s resources and the poor.

By connecting the villainous Global Warming dogma with industrial pollution, with financial market manipulation, with military adventurism, and generational disillusionment, lack of jobs, racism, sexism, Islamophobia, and all of the other anxieties of youth, the Left opens and promotes social wounds, instability and tribal anger. All designed to usher in expanding the state and subordinating capitalism and individual freedom.

There are many more examples, from the reordering of history, of how the west was won, how slavery occurred, etc., etc., etc. My point is not to refute these issues, just to point out that if you ever wondered why your kid is so quick to disagree with you, you might want to take a closer look at the relationship our public, and to some degree private, school systems have with their students. How they co-opt the job of parenting, dismissing parents as irrelevant, and inculcate their own, left of center values in your kid.

Have you asked yourself, what is this preoccupation with Trump all about? What is the explosion of gender confusion and drug addiction all about? How can all of this anger, resentment and violence be coming from a generation of kids who have had life so good?

The leftist leanings of academia are well documented. But the intensity of the indoctrination is going unreported in the mainstream media. Why? Because the employees in the mainstream media were educated in the same institutes of higher learning! They are themselves the standard bearers of the extreme leftist ideology that is being mass produced on college campuses across our nation. They were good students, that’s why they are employed by the news media complex.

But they have been misguided.

Those of you who have college aged kids, have you noticed how they change from semester to semester, year to year?  How your kids act more and more like victims? Like the world owes them something, a job, healthcare, a chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage? How suspicious they are of highly successful people, and leaders of industry. How they tend to blame America first for all of the world’s problems?

Have you noticed the average age of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, the dissidents at Berkeley or Antioch, from Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups who are attacking and challenging authority? Just why do these “kids” have so much anger? Why do they want to burn American flags, destroy private property and loot businesses? They didn’t learn this stuff at home….

Have you ever noticed how kids who avoided traditional college, by joining the military, or attending trade school, or by simply traveling and exposing themselves to other cultures and political systems, inevitably end up being more open-minded, more self-reliant and more conservative?

This may sound a bit alarmist, but if only a part of the concern that I have is real, if our kids are being radicalized, politicized and recruited to work to destroy our American Way of Life by our own school system, then we have an existential threat to our democratic republic’s very existence right in our own backyard.

If it wasn’t so serious, it would be unbelievable.

Our current preoccupation with the results of the presidential election, and the threat of Islamic Jihad, is diverting our attention from a very real, dangerous and insidious threat right under our schoolhouse noses.

For the sake of our children we need to recalculate our American priorities before we lose another generation of young students, and the Left further dismantles and corrupts our most important institutions of news distribution and higher learning.

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