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And now for the rest of the story. Yeah, yeah, I know this was the tagline of my favorite broadcaster of all time Paul Harvey—who died in 2009. It’s hard to believe it has been 11 years already since his distinctive voice delivering poignant comments left the airways. I listened to his broadcasts every morning on my way to work in New Jersey then had the occasion to see Mr. Harvey at an event in LA about 40 years ago. Very motivational hearing him, the Rev. Dr. Robert Schuller, Cavett Roberts and Mary Kay who came with about 100 of her pink ladies handing out their signature warm fuzzies.

The rest of my story is continuing last week’s comments regarding the Adobe Section in Escondido. I believe the most endearing characteristic are the meandering streets. Only El Ku comes close to being relatively straight. Then I was reminded of an experience as a new real estate agent showing a client prospective homes. None were in the adobe section but according to my Thomas Brothers Map (for those who don’t know it is Google Maps in hard copy) Las Palmas was a thru-street from Cranston Drive to Bear Valley Parkway. So as I drove east the road ended blocked by a small forest at the edge of Kit Carson Park. I had to show the map to my clients to show I was not at fault.

Oh, and I did receive some responses to last week’s column and will mention that the adobe home tour originally planned a few months ago has been postponed until a later date. I have never taken the tour since I have been in some homes of people I know and when a home came on the market for sale. I would recommend you joining the tour if you can when it happens in the next few months.

Well, just when I thought we were returning to some sort of normalcy with opening restaurants, gyms, barber shops and salons and Peterson’s Donuts along comes Gov. Newsom’s announcement today saying “not so fast California.” He hit the toggle switch and back we go three weeks. What’s more disheartening is that no end date was announced. You have to feel for all the owners and people who work in these industries. First I’m working, now I’m not, now I’m working again, now I’m not again. This is so like in March when I was due for a haircut then the shutdown started and my hair grew down to my collar. Guess what, I was due for a haircut next week. Geez Louise.

The vacant Marie Callender’s restaurant is being remodeled for a new business. DeCicco’s Pizza Restaurant is in the process of opening I’m sure within a month or so. For their sake I sure hope they will be able to open for diners in short order. Of course, the parking lot is large enough to possibly have a carhop type operation and minimally a hefty take-out business. I would think that the outdoor dining venue created on Grand Avenue last Friday can continue and keep the restaurants and all employees working and keeping the activity level up downtown.

Another annual event that did not happen was the grandiose opening day at the Del Mar Racetrack. Following the 30 day running of the Del Mar Fair, oh I mean the San Diego County Fair, “Hat Day” at Del Mar was a much anticipated event to showcase the creativity of wannabe ladies’ hat designers. And I’m sure watching the races was also fun but couldn’t match the pre-race spectacle.

Let us not forget the biggest summer activity omission, baseball. I almost got my fill by watching “Major League” three times the past three weeks. “Give ‘im’ the heater Ricky.” Great movie. I believe playing “Wild Thing” before Vaughn’s appearance was the precursor to the Padres’ playing “Hell’s Bells” for Trevor Hoffman’s appearance. Wow, Petco rocked when #51 appeared out of the bull pen. Some years ago, a ball player on another team commented that the most exciting moment in baseball for him was playing the Padres at home when Hoffy came in to close. He said he got goosebumps when the music started and the fans rocked out. We didn’t win a World Series but we sure had fun.

This week’s plate offer. How about GRT PIX. Photographer you think?

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