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The primary season is behind us

It’s a new day, and the primary election is behind us. Many of us went to bed Tuesday night, not knowing what this morning would bring in terms of actual real results, and now we have them, for the most part. 

The short list of definitives is we know who will be cajoling us for our vote for the 50th Congressional seat in November, and we know that Measure Q didn’t get the needed 55% share of vote here in Escondido. 

For some, it’s back to business as usual, and for others, it’s time to implement the back-up plan. After all, we all have options. Right? Exactly what those options are may not be clear. We do know that voter turnout was high, indicating a higher level of interest than most predicted. What a great reflection this shows of our citizenry. An active, well informed electorate is what separates us from most other forms of government. The process, however fraught with issues does work. Our Democracy, in spite of any election meddling from inside or outside sources, moves, and most of us are back to work today with little to no immediate effect on our lives. Many of us watched and listened intently as results slowly trickled in wondering why even show “early results” when 0% of the polls have reported? How can you be ahead in a race if none of the poll results are in? Ballots are not counted as they come in but, all at once after the polls have closed. Oh well, I guess I could have easily tuned out, turned off and gone to sleep. 

Regardless of whether your candidate won or lost, or your vote was for or against the announced winner of a measure or proposition life goes on and in large part, most are content to go back to their world unfazed or at least think unfazed by any election results. Life goes on: trash needs to be picked up, laundry folded, dogs fed, and kids shuttled to and from school. But, wait a minute. We do have changes coming, and we do have the November general election next. Another chance to let your vote do your talking. None of this happens without a certain amount of angst. That’s the process, and with our vote can create real change, or we can elect to keep the status quo. It’s up to us.

And that’s where this week’s column wants to serve as a reminder that every day we hold a personal election. We elect our path for the day with our attitude. We have choices but, on a granular moment by moment scale. Someone cutting us off driving, missing that important cell call, or how about that disturbing post we just saw on our Instagram feed are all examples of our own election. Electing to either respond or not, we elect to either be upset or not. I encourage too elect that which best allows you to be the best you possible. And this is something different for all of us. Break through the chatter, the noise, and to elect to live in the moment, enjoy all the good around us, all the fruits of our labors should guide us to be a little happier than we were yesterday. It’s called compounding happiness, and we control its growth. Choose wisely as you elect to either have the attitude needed to make it a great day or not.

Now for a few ramblings…

We’re getting used to using the City’s Report It! app and finding it very useful!

The Escondido Giving Arch celebration is next week. Come out and enjoy the festivities. Details can be found here.

Congratulations to the Escondido Community Foundation for spearheading this project! Well done Trudy, Lisa et al.

Thank you to our newest Chamber Ambassadors as they complete their training here at the Chamber. A well done shout out goes to Yessenia Mendoza and John Schwab, who head up this program.

Happy Birthday to one of Escondido’s finest — Brian Murphy!

Last but not least, our poll question from last week was equal — 50% of responders said that they are concerned about the possible spread of the Coronavirus here in Escondido.

And this week’s poll question: What is your preferred method of transportation?  Go here to vote:

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