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The Peel Parlour: Jennifer Titus – Licensed Esthetician

When you walk through the doors of Skin + Tonique at 300 N. Escondido Blvd where The Peel Parlour is located, you immediately begin to feel the relaxation come over you. From the friendly waiting area with massage chairs, to the charming display of products along the well-decorated walls, there is a sense of Zen that exists and is much needed in today’s world. 

Jennifer Titus is the owner of The Peel Parlour where she is a licensed esthetician of seven years’ experience. Asked what her philosophy is, she said, “I strive to make every client a priority. I am passionate about understanding your lifestyle and stresses, so that I can truly help you with your skin care journey.  I believe the moment a client walks into my room, they are accepted and safe.”

Titus is a mother of two children and has spent the last few years as a Navy wife traveling around the world. She is extremely happy to be back home in Escondido for over a year now. She is active in the community and loves to explore various parts of San Diego County such as the Safari Park and Lake Hodges. She enjoys crime shows and podcasts, especially during this pandemic. 

Asked what she loves most about her career, Titus said, “I like how I give people confidence and it gives me gratitude to help people. I create a program that works for them. The main goal is guiding my clients with a plan that fits their life, and their preferences. Not everyone can have a 12-step regimen, and that is OK. Skin care does not have to be complicated. “

Jennifer Titus and The Peel Parlour specialize in treatments that focus on Acne, Aging and Hyperpigmentation.  She has an acne program that is a three to four-month process where the client comes in every few weeks. She puts them on a skin care regimen that is a whole lifestyle change. This program focuses on things like what they are eating, and to try and pinpoint their triggers. Jennifer says, “Acne is complicated. I want to make skin care easier and I want to be the one to guide you along with that process.”

I asked how the pandemic has affected her business. She said, “I feel that my business is one of the most affected because we were shut down for most of the year due to the close contact with people.  The industry is big on disinfection and sanitation and I am knowledgeable about this process. I disinfect everything, from door handles to things you would not even think of. I also do take temperature checks on clients and myself and wear a mask and gloves.”

Here are some helpful tips that Titus wanted to share to the community from The Peel Parlour:

Since the pandemic hit, many people have been experiencing a skin condition called “acne mechanica” or as I have been calling it “maskne”. Some ways to prevent “maskne” are:

  • Avoid wearing make-up while wearing a mask
  • Wash fabric masks with free & clear detergent often
  • Spritz masks with alcohol between uses
  • For your face, bring an acne safe toner to use throughout the day to prevent acne breakouts.

Jennifer Titus offers a Military discount and will be providing a special holiday discount to the community. Check out The Peel Parlour website for more information!

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