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The Next Tom Brady

I have never been a fan of the Prevent Defense Theory in football. 

It seems counter intuitive to me to suddenly change all of the things that had been working to get a big lead, then put your players into an entirely different mindset to protect that lead. My idea is to just keep running up the score, play straight ahead defense and make your opponent make last minute, desperate changes. The Bill Belichick approach, if you will.

Most games are determined by momentum. One side gains an upper hand and then the other team panics. It is true in many sports. Once you have momentum, keep your foot on the accelerator.

I believe it is equally true in the arena of politics. One side gains momentum with a strong candidate, a game-changing event or even a natural calamity. All of these forces affect voters and often give one side an edge.

Donald Trump got a significant edge in the 2016 election when Hillary made a series of mistakes. First she called Republicans “deplorables” and never adequately apologized for slandering half the population. Second, her poor health was exposed at the 15 year remembrance of 9/11 in New York when she collapsed while stepping into her limousine. And finally, the issue of concealing and destroying evidence of using a secret email server caught up with her. Trump focused attention on that by referring to her as “Crooked Hillary.” 

According to the polls, Hillary had a comfortable lead, but she reverted to a “prevent defense” by not working states that she thought she had tied up. She went into hiding and opted to attack Trump personally instead of touting her own policies and ambitions. Trump baited her to abandon her game plan.

Here we are just a year before the next Presidential election and the polls suggest any Democrat could beat Trump. I think Americans remember just how wrong those polls turned out to be the last time, and when they see the sophomoric fools that stand on stage at the Democratic town hall debates, they know Trump has an enormous lead this time.

So now the shoe is on the other foot. 

Will Trump decide to play “prevent defense” or stay the course and run up the score? The Democrats have only one play, to try to throw a Hail Mary pass by impeaching a sitting President. They have nothing else in their playbook. No legislation, no war, no faltering economy to run against. Americans are enjoying a growing stock market, phenomenal job growth and relative peace around the world, so it appears to any unbiased observer that Trump has a three touchdown lead. 

The Democrats will have to play their bench soon because the starters have laid an egg so far. Pundits suggest the impeachment effort will shake Trump’s team and the voters. I would suggest that if (and it is a big if) Congress were to actually remove Trump, he would simply run again, and win again.

When Trump won in 2016 I said it was so unlikely it was like pitching five no-hitters in a row. Can you imagine Trump being impeached and then winning reelection? If there is anything we all should know by now, it is to never underestimate The Donald!

But that scenario is not going to happen. Instead, Trump will just keep working on checking off campaign promises: Building the wall, securing the borders, defeating ISIS, restoring the economy, rewriting lopsided trade deals, rebuilding our military superiority, and restructuring bureaucracy to eliminate waste and better serve our citizens’ needs.

If I were advising Mr. Trump, I would say just keep doing what you are doing. And during the campaign, talk about the upcoming agenda: Replacing Obamacare, rebuilding our infrastructure, paying down the nation’s debt, and purging our educational system of  subversive professors and their anti-American propaganda.

Remember when Trump said, ”… we will win, and you will win, and we will keep on winning … Believe me. And we will win so much, you will get tired of winning; and you will say: please Mr. Trump, we can’t take all of this winning… And I will say to you, NO … We will win more, and we will keep winning”? 

Remove all of the Democrats’ obfuscation, all of their phony claims of treason, obstruction, of collusion, and look at what has actually been accomplished in the past three years. There is a reason our economy is stronger than it has been since the Reagan years: We are winning!

Should Trump win reelection in 2020, he has the opportunity to win more substantial and important domestic and international battles than any President in modern history. He may well become the Tom Brady of American Presidents.

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