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The luckest man in Escondido


As reported previously, I have been receiving so many emails informing me of the numerous prizes and gifts to come my way and all I have to do is “click on the following link.” This got me to thinking I must be the luckiest man in Escondido. The latest one was from Amazon who informed me that I finished second in some contest and just simply click the link to approve shipment of the ear pods, my prize for finishing second. I wonder what was the first place prize.

To be clear, I do not enter contests, not even Publisher’s Clearing House, and I don’t even have an Amazon account or any other account. Gotta love the internet. Oops, I erred. I do have the Vons app and have allowed myself to be a participant in the recent Monopoly game which pays off much like the California Lottery—which is not much. Remember when that was begun as additional funding for our kids? Yeah, the schools would receive huge benefits. Really?

Now this is good news. Walmart plans to invest $350 BILLION in U.S. products and create approximately 750,000 jobs. Hallelujah! What this means is that Walmart is actually going back to their roots when Sam Walton turned his 5 & 10 store into what has become the world’s largest retailer. Anyone remember 5 & 10 cent stores? If you do, you’re old. It goes back a ways. Today we have 99 Cent and Dollar Tree stores akin to the 5&10s of yore.

When I say Walmart is going back to their roots I remember when Walmart began their tag line was “Made in America.” Today, most of what Walmart sells, and many other retailers, products made in other countries. I remember when Arrow shirts were made in the USA. Now my Walmart story.

It was probably 35 years ago when a client came into our office to chat. After a bit he told us his son had recently told him to invest money in the company he worked for in Arkansas as the company had major expansion plans. They were soon to open their second store this one in Texas and he was to be the manager. Well, Jim told us about this “old guy” in Arkansas who had this store called Walmart. We all chuckled when he told us he knows about Kmart but had never heard of Walmart and wasn’t so sure to invest some of his retirement into an unknown. As Dick Enberg would say, oh my! If only huh?

Not so good news was the recent announcement that San Pasqual Academy will be closing later this year. If you do not know of SPA it is a school and home for foster kids located near Safari Park. I attended the opening of SPA in 2001 and thought then as I do now that this was a good thing to do as I have read too many stories about foster kids being shipped from home to home as if they were a product. SPA has provided much needed structure and education who are victims not of their doing.

There is a petition being circulated to keep the academy open instead of placing the kids back into single family homes since some people have decided that group homes are not where these kids belong. Aren’t college dormitories group homes? There are so many success stories of SPA grads. If you agree that maintaining San Pasqual Academy open then I ask you to sign the petition as I have done. This is the link and yes it’s a little long or you can probably contact San Pasqual Academy direct.

The Rotary Club of Escondido has supported SPA with Keith Richenbacher being the driving force for  years of support. Every Christmas we would each take a name or more of the kids and gift them with their wish. Since teenagers love to shop on their own the most popular was a Target gift card. We all looked forward to the SPA tree with the ornaments being cards with a name and their desire.

Saw a tricked out Lincoln limo with a bobble head Elvis in his white leisure suit in the back window and the plate ELVIS 67. I don’t know the significance of the 67. How about RABAQUE?

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