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The Houston disaster. What can you do to help?

People of all faith, of all colors, of all parties, come together to help flood victims.  With the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey being called the worst rainfall in the history of the Gulf Coast, people are asking, “What can I do to help?”

Much of Houston, Texas is under water. It is possible that MILLIONS of people are being displaced from their homes by this natural disaster, where Houston has seen at least 50 inches of rain fall in just a few hours. It’s a disaster that is hard to get your mind around. But what is most important is for Americans to come together to do what Americans do best: solve problems and help people.

The Times-Advocate is partnering with the Valley Center Rotary Club (and any other service clubs that want to jump on board) to raise as much money as possible as quickly as possible and send them to the Lone Star State to help our fellow Americans brave one of the worst disasters in modern history.

Because the Rotary Club is a non-profit, people who want to make donations that will be sent can send cash, checks or credit cards made payable to the Rotary Club of Valley Center, with “Texas relief” written in the memo.

Mail to Rotary Club of Valley Center, P.O. Box 493, Valley Center, CA 92082 or, if you are using credit/debit cards, call the Times-Advocate office at 760-546-4000.  Cash can be dropped off at the Times-Advocate Valley Center office at 29115 Valley Center Road, Suite L.

Checks and cash can also be dropped off at California Bank & Trust, Escondido branch:  613 West Valley Parkway, Escondido. 

As this effort grows we will keep our readers informed.  The rest of the country has come together to help San Diego during its times of need, it’s time to return the favor. Thanks in advance for your help!

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