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The formula for success of the Escondido Charter High School White Tiger coaches

The Times Advocate caught up with the athletics department of Escondido Charter High School and got the coaches to talk about their goals and philosophy for the coming fall season. We also learned who some of the coaches are and what their goals are.

Escondido Charter White Tiger Athletic Goals:

1) Understand that athletics is a privilege, not a right.

2) Appreciate that participation is earned by working hard as a student athlete.

3) Develop character through John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success.

4) Establish and maintain consistent and effective communication with all members of the ECHS team.

5) Pursue quality competition with great teamwork and excellent sportsmanship.


Coaches: Jenna Schram, Schelly Lucas (

Action Goals: Support athletic teams, Promote school spirit, and Serve the community.

Cross Country

Coach: Steve Albanese (,

Action Goals: Develop enthusiasm for running. Build a positive team chemistry among all White Tiger runners.


Coach: Mark Carlson (football,

Action Goals: Make right decisions, work hard in school and on the field. Serve the community.


Coach: Andre Rerolle (,

Action Goals: Instill a positive team chemistry. Build effective communication among all team members. Develop and improve the skills and the techniques for each student-athlete.


Coach: Monica Shore (,

Action Goals: Demonstrate dedication, hard work, and perseverance. Commit to team development. Encourage each team member to raise their standard of success (Becoming the best that you are capable of becoming).

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