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The cuckoo “Calexit” movement

I’m not going to mince words. The “Calexit” movement to make California an independent nation is cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

I get it that a good percentage of the state thinks that the rest of the voters were crazy for electing Donald Trump president. The Calexiters think that California would be better off as its own nation, and, taking a page from the British and their “Brexit” election last year, thinks that the rest of the state’s voters can be convinced that separation would be a good idea.

That’s an interesting idea. To create a nation that, from its birth, would be bankrupt. Although, I guess, when you are a country, instead of merely a state, you can print money and inflate your way to fiscal independence.

There are big differences between Brexit and Calexit. For one, Britain has been a nation for more than a thousand years and Brexit was simply the nation state that created the British Empire flexing its muscles and saying that it would no longer be ruled by faceless bureaucrats in Brussels.

California IS the home of faceless bureaucrats. We have a state that has created more ridiculous regulations than any other state. We are TRYING to drive businesses out of the state, into the arms of a state that actually  has had some experience being a nation, Texas. That’s not a recipe for creating a successful country that will be able to defend itself and do all of the things that nations do.

Moreover, does anyone think that if the unthinkable happened and the voters of the Golden State decided to leave the Union that all of the state would go along? Most of the inland counties would probably say, “thanks but no thanks!” to a country run by San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The counties that would be likely to do their own form of secession and stay in the union include most of the land that feeds the rest of the world. It includes the counties with the natural resources. And, dare I say it, it includes the counties where a lot of people own guns and know how to use them. And if Sacramento started to get too uppity, I can imagine that there would be a strong sentiment for resisting such attempts.

Do you think that the National Guard, the only armed force in California outside of the police, would enforce secession on the rest of the state?  Knowing how most members of the military feel about their oath to the Constitution, do you REALLY think they would move against people whose loyalty is to the United States?

But let’s stop fantasizing. There is no way that the rest of the United State is going to allow California to take all of its marbles and go home. We are a union of states. The issue of whether states can secede was settled out of court the last time. It ain’t going to happen.

I don’t know about you, but I was born under Old Glory and I intend to die under it.

And as for all of you cuckoo Calexiters, just be patient. There will be another election in a few years and someone more to your liking will probably be elected. Until that time, deal with it. Because the rest of us, and that includes a lot of people in the Golden State, aren’t going to let you take us anywhere.

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