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The collapse of the climate-crisis house of cards


Largely unnoticed by the major networks and news sources was the announcement by company called Carbon Engineering of a relatively cheap process, that IF it functions as advertised—admittedly a big if—can scrub the air in factory-level efficiency, removing carbon dioxide from the air in large quantities and turning it into fuel that can be burned in cars.

Remember these names:  David W. Keith, Geoffrey Holmes, David St. Angelo and Kenton Heidel, all Harvard University scientists  and authors of a peer-reviewed study “A Process for Capturing CO2 from the Atmosphere,” published in the academic journal Joule. Someday these men could be right up there with Crick and Watson, Newton and Einstein in the pantheon of scientists whose works have profoundly and completely changed the lives of millions if not billions of the human family.

By 2020 this technological process could be available on a large scale, they write. 

“This opens up the possibility that we could stabilize the climate for affordable amounts of money without changing the entire energy system or changing everyone’s behavior,” Ken Caldeira, a senior scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science, was quoted in The Atlantic.

You can find their scientific paper here:

Keep an eagle eye out for the reaction to this revolutionary process by the climate change elites who rely on fear to fuel their path to power, and whose goal, just as it was in olden times, want nothing less than the control over peoples’ lives and property. Because, remember, they want to change everyone’s behavior. 

If you read writers, or listen to opinion shapers, or politicians who have for a while been sounding the alarms of climate change and how we must all change our ways, or face doom from melting icecaps, burning forests and browning plains of grain. If, instead of sounding tremendously excited about this technology, they instead shrug it off with “pie in the sky” or “unproven” or “We will still need to rid the world of the internal combustion engine” or any of a thousand reactions other than “hot damn!” you will know you have encountered one of those who is invested in disaster because it suits his or her philosophy that Western culture sucks, that the industrial revolution was bad, and that we all need to simplify and rid ourselves of luxuries because the planet demands it. And finally, that we need wise technocrats to bring us to the right path. 

Many climate hysterics (take that those of you who refer to those of us who don’t want to yoke ourselves to your plow of quality of life destroying mandates as “deniers”) don’t really want there to be a solution to too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. If they did, they would immediately jump on the band wagon of switching over a large percentage of our energy production to nuclear power, instead of ridiculous contraptions like acres and acres of wind machines.

The last thing they want is for the ingenuity of good old American know-how to solve the problem that they would much rather be solved by heavy-handed government intervention, like the business-killing laws that have been and continue to be adopted in California.  The last thing they want is for capitalism to find a solution to a problem created by capitalism. 

This technology could be quickly developed so that carbon “scrubbers” could be placed near factories, removing carbon from the air almost as fast as they release it into the air. I’m rather hoping that they will develop small, human-sized versions that can fit over the mouths of personages such as Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio and Bernie Sanders, (please God, especially him) so that their CO2 will be scrubbed along with their voices.

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