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That which must not be spoken of again

Well folks, only one more week of no doubt, at least for me, the most forgettable year ever and we can kiss 2020 goodbye. I wonder what Father Time will look like? Probably have to be wearing a mask at least—I hope he does as I do not want to get caught in the wet talk from the wheezing geezer. 

Next year just has to be better don’t you think? Unlike the Spanish Flu of a hundred years ago medical technology has progressed to the point of being able to control CV19 in less than two years although we are now already nine months into it. Time flies huh?

Much has been said about the loss of businesses and the jobs that used to keep them open. Along with that is the loss of revenue that these businesses produced and allowed them to make untold amounts of financial support to local charities, non-profits, schools, the arts including the CCAE and other organizations that make Escondido a great community. 

The Escondido Foundation—which has donated hundreds of thousands to local groups—and the Escondido Rotary Club Coeur de Cuisine, which has contributed over $100,000 each of the past 15 years, are hamstrung to continue their philanthropy.

Also of note were recent comments about the loss of sales tax revenue needed for communities to provide public safety and public services. Keeping our police and fire departments staffed and equipped has become a challenge but not impossible. 

Street repairs and park maintenance are priority items that will be under closer scrutiny now with limited funding. My analogy has been to look at the city budget as you would your personal finances. When revenue decreases you assess your budget and may have to adjust priorities and make sometimes distasteful cuts in spending.

What will help is to shop local as much as you can. You do not have to always shop out of town or from on-line retailers who are out of town. You can still use delivery services available through local shops and stores. To give you an idea of goods available in Escondido: I ran four political campaigns spending every penny in Escondido as every service needed was available in town; including one of the largest mass-mailing houses in the country, Transamerica Mailing.

OK, enough of the heavy stuff. The city recently received an application to annex another unincorporated “pocket” area surrounded by the city limits. Slowly, over the past 47 years Escondido has incorporated these small pockets. The latest includes Robin Hill Lane, which is bounded by Rincon Ave and Centre City Parkway. There are still a few more of these pockets that should be annexed to the city. Welcome to Escondido Robin Hill Lane, which will offer new much needed housing.

Previously, I mentioned watching infomercials promoting memorable music and old TV shows such as “Laugh In” which had me in stitches for an hour. Pop, Rock and Doo Wop is a great hour of performances by popular groups from the 1950’s and ‘60’s. These DVDs have the groups performing their hits 40 plus years after they were chart toppers. Haven’t heard that term in a while have you? 

What is most interesting is that all the songs sound the same as the originals not lip-synching. The most striking effect though, was that the performers showed a bit more girth and less hair but the voices and harmony did not change and no t-shirts or ripped jeans. All nattily attired, male and female.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause. The other day I read where an Ansel Adams print of “The Grand Tetons and the Snake River” was recently sold for $988,000. It so happens I have a copy of that Adams print, which I purchased at the Fedco closing sale for I believe $1. For you newbies, Home Depot on East Valley Pkwy replaced the Fedco store, which previously was Sears. 

So I figure if I can get just 1% of the original’s price; well hallelujah Merry Christmas Ed!

Keeping with Ansel Adams I recall visiting Colorado about 22 years ago. It was a family vacation affectionately referred to as “the trip.” Oh yeah. We went to ski at Purgatory and one day three of us took our cameras to Silverton. We stopped at a location between two houses and in the distance was a church with the classic steeple. I thought the view was perfectly framed by the houses when a senior resident walking by stopped and told us that Ansel Adams in the ‘40’s sat in the same location all day until he felt the sun was in the position to his liking and snapped the photo. What an eye have I!

American Legion Post 149 Adjutant Jeff Dodds gives this quote. “On Dec 31 @ 11:59pm let us all take a shot of our favorite spirit as a toast to the end of the year and let us never speak of 2020 again.”

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.

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