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Tennis Club seeks to upgrade court lighting

The Tennis Club is having a fair on Saturday April 25 beginning at 9:30 a.m. at the Adams Park tennis courts. The fair is open to all and there’s no charge.

The club seeks funding to upgrade the lighting at the courts. Paul Herigstad, a member of the club’s board, is asking community support to tap some of the money that the Valley Center Parks & Rec District (VCP&R) has access to for capital improvements. But there are other sources as well.

Herigstad has researched where the club might get some funding. “For me it’s a kind of wake up and dream moment finding that Parks and Rec has monies for new improvements,” said Herigstad. “The school district has also offered to match some funds and the local tribes have some community improvement monies. The general public might help and the club is willing to pay more to get more and continue to pay as you play for the electrical use.”

According to Herigstad, “The problem is the lights are antiquated, don’t provide good lighting and are poorly maintained. The community, parks and school district would get a state of art system that’s maintenance free for fifteen years and will use 70% less energy. With SDG&E yearly cost increases the next step would be adding solar panels.”

State of the art LED lights use 70% less wattage, are maintenance free for 15 years and provide a better quality and coverage light. “This kind of savings can be used to better maintain the park/courts,” said Herigstad.

The Tennis Club is made up entirely of volunteers.

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