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Teenager overturns pickup with five other teens in the bed results in fatality

On January 4, 2020 at approximately 2:35 AM, the California Highway Patrol Border Communications Center received calls of an overturned pickup truck on Summit Drive and Old Pasqual Road. Upon CHP Officer’s arriving on-scene, it was determined that a 2001 Toyota Tundra pickup truck was being driven by an 18-year-old male from Escondido, CA, northbound on Summit Drive turning left onto Old Pasqual Road. The driver had one passenger in the cab of the Toyota and five other teens in the bed of the Toyota pickup truck.  The 18-year-old driver was driving too fast for the curvature in the roadway and lost control of the Toyota.  The Toyota overturned onto its left side in the roadway and all five occupants, who were in the bed, were ejected onto the roadway.  The Toyota continued off the right side of the road and came to rest on its wheels.  The other occupant in the cab of the Toyota pickup truck was a 17-year-old juvenile from Escondido, CA and sustained minor injuries.  The five occupants who were ejected from the bed of the Toyota pickup truck were one 17-year-old from Escondido, CA, one 17-year-old from Encinitas, CA, one 18-year-old from Valley Center, CA, one 18-year-old from Escondido, CA and one 17-year-old from San Marcos, CA.  The 18-year-old who was riding in the bed of the Toyota pickup truck was from Escondido, CA and he was transported to the Palomar Medical Center for treatment, but he died at the hospital due to his injuries sustained in the collision.  The other occupants who were ejected sustained moderate to major injuries and were also transported to the Palomar Medical Center for treatment.  The driver of the Toyota pickup truck sustained minor injuries as well.  The driver of the Toyota was evaluated for alcohol and or drug impairment and it was determined by investigating Officer’s that he was not under the influence of alcohol and or drugs and it was determined to not be a factor in the crash.

The incident remains under investigation.

6 responses to “Teenager overturns pickup with five other teens in the bed results in fatality”

  1. Kara guthrie says:

    Praying for the families of all involved.

  2. J. says:

    Why was there a delay in treatment at the scene? 1st responders seemed to not be aiding the dying boy who was clearly gasping for air. No oxygen administered? No neckbrace placed? Only one ambulance? No helicopter transport? There just didn’t seem to be any urgency to assess and treat his injuries. As a parent, I would be mortified that an emt or medic didn’t do everything they could possibly do to stabilize my child prior to transport and to watch trained professionals meandering about like they were on a Sunday stroll is appalling. So heartbreaking.

    • D says:

      In response to your comment about the treatment at the scene, if this did take place and you were a witness, there needs to be a complaint filed with local authorities. As such information is not helpful to the family and those concerned, it only brings more pain.
      My heart goes out to all those involved in this terrible accident.

      • D says:

        If you go on youtube and search Escondido rollover,it is pretty graphic footage of the aftermath,and yes,the boy is trying hard to breath and moves a little,but there does not seem to be much urgency from the paramedics.Did they perhaps figure he was dying anyways?I would be curious to ask them.If I was the parent,this footgae would break my heart to see my boy dying.

      • J. says:

        This was all shown in the video posted on YouTube. And I agree it does bring more pain especially after watching it. I’m extremely saddened by all of it. And my heart hurts for their loss.

    • Fefefe says:

      In many catastrophic injuries, that are not compatible with sustaining life, this is a normal, automatic bodily response.

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