Escondido, CA

Teen convicted for beating “friend” to death

An Escondido teen, Salvador Sanchez, last week was convicted of the murder of his “friend” Maithem Alfuraiji in what became notorious as the “Snapchat” murder because he posted a file of his victim’s cries on the social medium site. The murder victim was last seen alive on April 27, 2017.
The victim was beaten to death and his body was later dumped in the Backcountry. Then Sanchez bragged on social media about the killing. His conviction for murder came about a year later. The jury did not buy his attorney’s claim that Sanchez was not guilty by reason of insanity.
The jury will get another chance to weigh in on Sanchez’s relative sanity when it will determine if he was sane or not during the commission of the crime. This will have a bearing in Sanchez’s sentencing.
The two got together to smoke pot and drink alcohol at Mountain View Park. They discussed various things and then Sanchez challenged the other to a fight to death—in spite of the fact that they were supposed to be close friends.
Sanchez was a champion wrestler at Escondido High School. He bragged of using wrestling holds on the victim. He told officers that he held the victim’s face to his chest until he expired.
He kept the victim’s bloody clothes, including a hoodie, t-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes as trophies, he told police. He also admitted to having lived a creed based on the film series “Fast and Furious” that included a “ride or die” philosophy.

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