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Taylor Pamplin scores 518.05 at April dive meet

Escondido Charter High School senior Taylor Pamplin met her goal of scoring at least 500 points in a high school diving meet April 11 at the April Dive Meet at Fallbrook High.

Pamplin’s score of 518.05 points led the 19 competitors in the girls 11- dive event and gave the three-time defending CIF champion at least 500 points for the first time in her career.

“She just had a really, really good meet,” said meet organizer Sean Redmond, who is also Fallbrook High School’s diving coach.

“She’s just looking really good,” said John Philips, who is Pamplin’s diving coach for her high school meets. “She’s feeling confident.”

Fallbrook High School also hosted the Early Season Diving Invitational meet March 14. Pamplin scored 495.15 points last month. “She was really disappointed that she didn’t break 500,” Philips said.

The second diving invitational of the season at the Fallbrook High School pool gave Pamplin the opportunity for a 500-point score. The meet judges turned that opportunity into a reality.

“That’s pretty incredible,” Philips said.

“It was just really exciting because I knew that was my goal,” Pamplin said. “I’ve been working really hard on just perfecting my entry and pushing off the board a little better and it paid off.”

On her inward dive pike one of the judges gave Pamplin a perfect ten points. “It was just really nice to see that a judge saw how good it was,” Pamplin said.

The CIF diving meet transitioned from an 11-dive competition to a six-dive championship event in 2007, and no girl diver had ever scored 500 points. Only two boys divers exceeded 500 points at the CIF meet, and the only mark higher than Pamplin’s Fallbrook total was the 566.76 Greg Louganis scored in 1977. Louganis also won the CIF championship in 1975. He did not dive for Valhalla High School in 1976, as he spent that year at the Olympic Games and won a silver medal on the ten-meter platform board. Louganis subsequently won gold medals at the 1984 and 1988 Olympics.

“She’s consistently diving at a higher level,” Philips said. “Just very proud of her.”

Pamplin will be returning to Fallbrook on consecutive days in May. Escondido Charter and Fallbrook are both in the Valley League, and the Fallbrook High School pool will be the site of the league diving meet May 8 as well as the league swim preliminaries May 7 and the league swim finals the morning of May 9. The official CIF championship diving meet utilizes six dives, but Fallbrook hosts an annual 11-Dive Championship Meet which this year will take place the afternoon of May 9.

“Nice to participate at all these 11-dive meets,” Pamplin said.

Although the 11-Dive Championship Meet is not the official CIF championship, it counts for CIF meet qualifying purposes. In a dual meet if only one school has a declared diver the diving is not included in team scores but divers can compete for CIF qualifying purposes. For both boys and girls, an 11-dive score of at least 250 points or a six-dive score of 185 points or higher automatically qualifies a diver for the CIF meet. A diver must also compete in at least seven meets to be eligible for the CIF meet. Because many venues, including Escondido’s Jim Stone Pool where Escondido Charter holds its home meets, do not have diving facilities Redmond has allowed Pamplin to dive at Fallbrook’s home dual meets to allow her to obtain the minimum seven meets necessary to participate at the CIF meet. “I’m really grateful to him,” Pamplin said.

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