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Taking a ride through Escondido


Last Thursday I returned an item at Lowe’s and when I got into my car to leave I decided to drive over to Home Depot to see if they had what I was looking for. However, I did not take the shortest distance between two points but instead opted to take a more circuitous route. For Jacob’s benefit that means longer than the direct route. Let’s take a ride.
First location was the huge Palomar Health complex. My gosh, they have taken over almost if not half of the Escondido Research and Technology Center, aka ERTC. Now with the finally impending completion of Citricado Parkway to Del Dios Hwy all their advertising dollars that they have been pouring into TV and print advertising will be paying off big time. Seriously, PMC has to be the single largest medical complex in San Diego County. Good for our economy.
Then on through the Auto Park, which I wrote about a few weeks ago, after making my way through the industrial area before and after the PMC tour. I was amazed at the amount of truck and car traffic in the entire area. All I could think about is all the business being conducted in Escondido to warrant all this activity. Amazing. Good for our economy.
Now on to Home Depot and the parking lot was about 70% plus full about the same as was the case at Lowe’s. And inside both home improvement centers were loaded with customers buying who knows what but again good for our economy. Now I went to Target and my gosh it was like the week before Christmas! What the? I had to park close to Starbucks. Now this was on a Thursday not a Saturday or Sunday which are the busier retail shopping days. Also good for our economy.
And speaking of our economy I had the opportunity for the first time to hear from our Deputy Director of Economic Development Jennifer Schoeneck. I don’t know who the director is—however, she was very well received and everyone in the room had the same impression of her presentation. We all were impressed with her enthusiasm and obvious knowledge including Escondido’s history. She did her homework. To City Manager Sean McGlynn I say “good job” kid—you made a great hire. Once again, good for our economy. It appears, or seems to be, things are looking up for Escondido.
And speaking of looking up. You like that segue? Did you happen to see the meteor shower Friday/Saturday night? Of course not since it was reported to be viewable at 9 p.m. EST which is 6 p.m. our time bright daylight. Reminded of the shower I witnessed while stationed at Ft. Bliss, Texas.
I’m a sound sleeper but was awakened at 3 a.m. one day in August 1966 by a very audible swooshing sound. I had my own room on the second floor and went out to the balcony to witness an incredible and somewhat scary sight. Hundreds of meteors flashing across a clear night sky. The scary part was that they looked so close to Earth but in reality thousands of miles away. I was so mesmerized by the sight. I did not have the presence of mind to get my camera and photograph something that many people would find hard to believe and I was so looking forward to possibly seeing this latest display. Alas, not to happen.
California has occasionally been recognized as a pacesetter in various aspects be it food, i.e. fish tacos, or sports clothing like surfer shorts but here are a few that are not so complimentary. I saw a listing of the top cities for weed nationally. Not surprisingly, Portland, Oregon is #1, Denver, CO #2 but Sacramento comes in at #4. Have you ever wondered what goes on in our Capitol? Hmmmm.
Statewide the top 5 are Sacto, San Diego, LA, San Francisco and San Jose. All are in the top 10 nationally. Guess we have to try harder. San Diego beat out San Francisco? Wow.
Here’s a scary list from the American Lung Association. Of the top 15 cities with the most polluted air in the country California has eight cities with the top 5 in California. Bakersfield, Hanford/Fresno, Visalia, SF/San Jose and LA/Long Beach lead the list. I had read decades ago that Denver had the worst air nationally. Guess they cleaned up. Good job San Diego not making this list.
Woman: “It seems to me that they are splitting hairs in there.” Man: “Madam, that is what we do here. We split hairs.” Conversation overheard in the lobby of the Supreme Court, Washington, D.C.
Saw a TV ad some weeks ago with this disclaimer: “Not FDIC insured. No guarantee”.
Ahh, the vanity plates. GBP ME, MLR2007, RIP5519, AYEGUD1, XZUBRNT, FLMNGLE, COLETNG, OHHIKNW, TYMACHN, OPT MZN. Stay well folks.


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