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T-A seeks ideas, suggestions, etc. for sports stories

Consider this a clarion call to all those in and around the Escondido area. The Times-Advocate is actively looking for local school administrators, coaches, interested parties, players/participants, fans, family and friends to help make us aware of meaningful sports stories.

The reality with local or community newspapers is that because of their very nature, manpower resources are limited. As a result, there can be plenty of territory to cover but very few bodies to do so. As such, priorities must be assigned and in that scenario higher-profile sports such as football, basketball and baseball often receive what would seem to be preferential treatment. 

Unfortunately, given the current circumstances, that’s just the way it is but certainly not the way it has to be. The T-A is most anxious to publicize the exploits and achievements of any local athlete or team, particularly at the high school level. The nature of the sport is totally immaterial because in our estimation, every athletic pursuit is worthy of coverage, examination and respect. There are wonderful and compelling stories to be found throughout the Escondido area but if we are unaware of their existence, we certainly can’t write about them. And because of that, perhaps a lot of deserving and talented youngsters as well as notable teams never do get their just deserts, credit or recognition.

The T-A is actively seeking to prevent that from happening as best it can. But in order to do so, the public’s involvement is absolutely imperative. To a very great extent, it is the public that must act as a community paper’s eyes and ears and help uncover or bring to light stories that might otherwise slip through the cracks. Working in unison, an engaged populace and a willing newspaper can hopefully make some special things happen when it comes to its sports coverage. The objective should be to never leave a good, informative and interesting story behind.

So Escondido, that’s the situation as it now exists. The question is what are you going to do about it? Are you willing to step up and make a huge contribution as it relates to getting the word about worthy young athletes and teams or are you content to let that responsibility reside solely with a paper that can be sometimes stretched thin?

Consider the gauntlet to have been thrown down and it shall be quite interesting to see what kind of response this article generates. The T-A heartily welcomes any kind of input from the community, be it in the form of story ideas, profile suggestions, article submissions, providing statistical data or virtually anything else imaginable in conjunction with the local sporting scene. Anything sports-related, at any level, we have a genuine interest in covering.

For those interested in helping us with this worthwhile endeavor, the paper can be reached at or 760-546-4000.   


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