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Survivors seek forever homes!

These kittens need a new home.

These kittens need a new home.

Once again the Hawthornes rescued another litter of kittens! This time from a trash can, how they got there nobody knows! The



kittens were immediately taken to A Cat’s View Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Nancy Matthews examined them and they were all ok. They were


given a bath, nail trims, vaccines, spayed and neutered, and given all of their health care. They are ready for adoption into


their forever homes! Molly, Chaz, Charlie, Russel, and Rusty.

You can visit them at
A Cat’s View
 [/caption] style=”font-weight: bold”>Veterinary Hospital
29115 Valley Center Rd.
Or give them a call at
(760) 749-0099
 [/caption] style=”font-weight: bold”>or visit
or Facebook at
A Cat’s View Vet
They are adorable!

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