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Supervisors vote to resurface Old Hwy. 395 between Gopher Cyn. Road and Camino Del Rey

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors authorized the advertisement for bid and subsequent award of a construction contract to resurface portions of two North County roads including Old Highway 395 between Old Castle Road and Camino Del Rey.

The supervisors’ 4-0 vote January 28, with Ron Roberts absent for a Metropolitan Transit System board meeting, also found the two projects to be categorically exempt from California Environmental Quality Act review. The work will resurface one mile of Buena Creek Road as well as the 0.9 miles of Old Highway 395.

“Old Highway 395 is an important road in North County because nearby residents use it as an alternative to the I-15 freeway,” said Supervisor Bill Horn. “Keeping this road and all 2,000 miles of our county roads safe is always a priority.”

The county’s Department of Public Works utilizes a pavement management system which incorporates field review, resident and community group input, and mechanical data collection. DPW measures the structural deterioration of asphalt pavement by visually assessing the degree and type of cracking, surface deformation, and surface defects. The visual and mechanical information allows DPW to prioritize roads in need of rehabilitation.

The resurfacing of the Old Highway 395 and Buena Creek segments will include some repairs below the road surface, and rubberized asphalt will be used for the top layer. In addition to the landfill diversion benefits, rubberized asphalt has shown roadway benefits. Although rubberized asphalt is approximately ten percent more expensive than ordinary asphaltic concrete, the rubberized surface has proven to be more durable than normal asphalt concrete. Over the long term rubberized asphalt decreases noise by four to six decibels; while the sound reduction is not as significant during the later period of the rubberized paving lifecycle there is still a net reduction of noise. The Department of Public Works identifies specific road segments where the use of rubberized asphalt would provide optimum benefit; in addition to focusing on roads currently in need of repaving the benefit is maximized on roads with high traffic volumes which are close to residential streets.

The estimated cost of the resurfacing contract, including contingencies and administrative expenses, is $1,000,000. A balance in the county’s road fund will provide that money.

The road segments are within existing county right-of-way, so no right-of-way acquisition is needed. Utility companies with lines along the roadway have been notified so that they can schedule trenching work on the affected segments before the resurfacing begins or can coordinate with the county to have any needed utility work performed in conjunction with the road project. The resurfacing is expected to begin this spring and be complete by the end of summer.

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