Escondido, CA

Summer camps welcome Chinese children



Blue Boy Summer Camps welcomed eighteen 9 to 12-year-old Chinese chil­dren and three Chinese teachers to the Escondido community for its annual 3-week camp.

The Young Chinese children visited and built bridges through cultural exchang­es and community service projects.

The American and Chinese children formed new friendships through games, special activities, and outings.

Beyond providing a recreational environment for cultivating relationships, the camp mission also focuses on serving and participating in the Escondido com­munity. This summer Chinese campers prepared over a hundred meals for Inter­faith Community Services, performed an extensive beach clean up, and visited the Meadowbrook Retirement Community to meet and make friends with



senior residents.

The camp was anchored by the support and participation of dedicated local host families who took these young Chinese children into their homes as part of their family.

“Each of our families puts in the extra effort and time every single day to make sure their host child feels loved and appreciated. I can’t tell you how much that has forever impacted the lives of these young Chinese children,” said Noah Vo­gelsang, founder and director of Blue Boy Summer Camps.

Vogelsang graduated from Escondido High School and the University of Vir­ginia. He returned to his hometown after living and working in China for 10 years.

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