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Stylist struggles to make ends meet in lockdown world

Stylist Danielle Klein is making “zero money” while she is in lockdown.

Danielle Klein, who has been a hair stylist for 15 years is “trying to avoid going stir crazy” in a lockdown world where her livelihood is not considered an “essential” one, where she is making “zero” money right now—and can’t apply for unemployment insurance because she is a contractor.

Klein works at Rock’n Hair in the Center of Escondido, (the one over the Lexus dealership.) She learned a few days ago that she wouldn’t be coming back to work for an undetermined time. “I have zero income coming in as of yet. Hopefully that stimulus check will come. I can’t do anything, or go anywhere. I can’t even get beauty supplies. If they caught me I’d lose my license or pay a big fine. I would get a warning and a hefty fine,” she says.

Because Klein is self-employed and doesn’t receive a paycheck or an hourly wage, she can’t apply for unemployment, despite being ordered to not work.

“The last time I worked was last Tuesday,” she says. “We are shut down. All the days are blending together and all the hours are blending together.”

She’s not hungry. Her deep freezer is stocked with food, but she’s concerned about bread, fresh vegetables and fruits. “In my fifteen years as a stylist, I’ve never encountered anything like this, except for the 07 fires when I couldn’t work because I couldn’t get to work.”

All things considered, Klein supports the shelter in place order. “I feel like that it’s hard to say. Either way you are at risk. You are at risk of losing everything, but if you open everything up you are still exposing people to the potential of getting ill. I think at the end of the day money is just money, but we need to be proactive and just stay home. As much as it hurts. I think what they are doing is right. It hurts. It sucks, but I think it’s the safest way.”

6 responses to “Stylist struggles to make ends meet in lockdown world”

  1. Terri Devlin says:

    Danielle, I can make a drop off for you if needed.

  2. Tonya Turner says:

    Where did she get the info about fines and loss of License? Checking the Ca board of cosmetology or any other sites, I’m not finding anything

  3. Travis Simpson says:

    If you really need something let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

  4. Jamie Layne says:

    There are and always will be resources that will require due diligence. This is not a time to fall asleep at the wheel regarding your own livelihood. Any independent hairstylists reading this should follow or join PBA (Professional Beauty Association) and the social media threads of Inspiring Champions, Deb Hunt, Salon Professionals of San Diego, Steve Gomez etc. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

  5. Jimmy T says:

    I’m just wondering it’s really that bad you’ll? How can you help? Can’t even do that? So does anybody has an answer or suggestion for girlfriend….???

  6. Kim says:

    It’s the “stay at home” order she would get the fines and etc from. It’s not essential to go get beauty supplies

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