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Students go to City Hall to discuss climate action

Middle School students from Karisa May’s class meet with Escondido Assistant Planning Director Mike Strong to talk about climate action.

Six middle school students from Grace Christian School (a ministry of Grace Lutheran Church) in Escondido, have started a Climate Action Alliance elective class.  This group is actively engaged in the Lexus/Scholastic Eco Challenge, a national competition to plan and execute projects that have a positive impact on the Air and Climate in the students’ community.  

On Wednesday, October 2, the students and their middle school teacher Mrs. Karisa May had the opportunity to attend a private meeting at Escondido City Hall to interview Escondido’s Assistant Planning Director Mike Strong. 

The students interviewed Strong to gain pertinent information and garner support for their project.  Strong provided a solid base of information regarding Escondido’s Climate Action Plan and current efforts to reduce carbon emissions.  

He gave feedback specific to the student’s proposed plan to impact the Grace School community, and he opened a pathway to amend our local area use plan in order to implement a change to the habit of idling at and around the school complex.  This refers to parents that wait in school drive through either picking up or dropping off their kids at school.  They  in line with the engine running, sometimes for extended periods before the school bell rings. 

Mr. Strong is also making way for the students to present their work at an upcoming city council meeting and he pledged to personally support Fresh Air Friday when the team’s plan is implemented.

Middle School Teacher Karisa May and her class pose with Escondido Assistant Planning Director Mike Strong at City Hall. The students shown are Logan Boyer, Kallie Brumfield, Pearl Isbell, Tara Maalouf, Joseph McTigue and Emilia Snyder.

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