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Stater Brothers store to close

Stater Brothers has announced that its store in Escondido will be closing in January.

The Times-Advocate reached out to Deputy Director of Economic Development Jennifer Schoeneck to see if she could share any insights on this.

“Stater Brothers made the decision to sell the store and the deal closed in November 2022,” said  Schoeneck. “The new owner is currently looking for a new retail tenant and is being represented by CBRE.”

She added,  “Stater Brothers has not said why they made the decision to sell. I did find out that all employees were either offered an opportunity to move locations to a different store, or UFCW Local 135 is helping them find new positions elsewhere.”

24 responses to “Stater Brothers store to close”

  1. Aileen says:

    Thank goodness!! The customer service at this location is about the worst I have ever experienced, and the management is rogue in the way they allow misconduct to occur. I’m dancing my happy dance now 😁

  2. Evad says:

    Big corpo suks ass doesn’t care about what really matters, only money

  3. RS Stecks says:

    This is the store I have enjoyed going to for at least 20+ yrs. I know allot of workers and Im sad to see my beloved workers and store being gone. It’s also the closest store for myself as well my neighbors to walk to that offers great prices. I will miss my interaction with everyone and I hope to see some else where. Thank you for serving me as well as our community. Blessings to all for all you have done.

  4. Steven Bennett says:

    I deliver there and am surprised it took this long. Every other Stater Bros. is busy…maybe not Sycamore…but this is just a bad location.

  5. Guadalupe Hildago says:

    The influx of dark people and the associated theft that comes with them forced them to close down.

  6. Ricardo Smith says:

    Let me tell something about the business in Escondido, It’s with the business, Either make your money or kick rocks! It’s to damn! crowded on the other hand. The saying goes like this,( it’s plenty for everyone,THATS B”) keep your mind on high alert from all those hatters, that’s the stumbling block of your success. Envy!!!!!!!!!! HATTERS.

  7. katherine BASURTO says:

    omg noooooooo this is my favorite store !!!!! my life will change beleive it or not the meat along with everything else is the best so sad
    stater brothers my kind of store!!!


  8. Zen says:

    Going to miss this store. Very clean and well stocked and I was a fan of the Stater Brothers brand.

  9. Paul D. says:

    I can’t believe they’re closing! Love love love this store! I live near Balboa Park & come visit friends in Escondido. I’m so sad that we won’t have this store to do the majority of our shopping!

  10. Frieda says:

    I’m surprised at some of the rude and racist as well as purely ignorant remarks allowed on this site. Really too bad. However..This is the first time I have read these articles and I do think it’s a good thing to have lots of good news about Escondido. A fairly new town for us.

    How about Joann Fabrics gone!!! Wow! No place to get sewing supplies in town is a downer.

    As far as Stater Bros closing we were so happy to discover it snd now it’s closing!! Why so many empty stores on Grand?? Disappointed!

  11. Kim says:

    I had always wished they stocked this store location the same as the others. I could never find enough quality produce so I would shop at a different one. Stater Brothers prices in general though has always been an average a dollar less per item. It is sad they couldn’t turn this around.

  12. Linda Parker says:

    It makes me so sad to see Stater Brothers leave Escondido. I’ve shopped there for years and I will truly miss this store. The high quality meat department is better than any other in the area. I always enjoyed great service from the management and staff. The store was always clean, neat and well stocked. What a shame to lose this fine store.

  13. Sadshopper says:

    I will miss this store been using it many years.
    Always had the best meat around.
    I even went to other stater brothers locations in more affluent areas and would prefer the escondido location.
    Especially before covid. It was a pleasant oddity.
    It also had a good liqor section for a small grocery store.

    Then when the often empty store hired a security guard full time I knew they probably were not very profitable. If the store was losing enough to theft or robberies that it was worth paying yet another person to stand around costing tens of thousands a year.

  14. William says:

    this grocery store was located in a very bad spot, a lot of homelessness around the trendy’s store nearing the stater bros, rampant amount of shoplifting within the store and it comes in within a frame of the employees fearing for their personal safety when it comes to these issues, hope stater bros reconsiders and opens in a much more safer zone and has security personnel protecting their business

  15. DWBH says:

    Dang…no more Tecate Light 36 pack specials for $19.99. Bummer.

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