Escondido, CA

St. Mary Preschool – in business over 30 years, celebrates grand re-opening

St. Mary Preschool is a hidden gem in Escondido, tucked away from commercial areas, traffic and the public eye, but still conveniently located in the middle of the city.  

The preschool just completed its first full-year since the total renovation of the school. With three new buildings, a new playground area and a new, shaded play structure, children have plenty of room to play.  

Joanne Strantz, director, St. Mary Preschool, told The Times-Advocate: “With artificial turf and playground padding, we are well-equipped to provide a safe and sound preschool environment. And for those days when we need to be surrounded by nature, there is the peace garden, with its variety of plants and flowers, as well as our backyard greenbelt, perfect for picnics, water play and games of tag.  It’s the best of both worlds.”

Experience is the best teacher. . . 

Mrs. Strantz explained, “In terms of curriculum, we have developed a more creative approach to meeting the State’s guidelines. The curriculum is aligned with Common Core, but project-based.  Children are engaged in different ways.  The classroom materials, a blend of play items and educational toys, have ‘self-checking’ guides to promote independent learning.  During the week, students will have a number of lessons, experiences and sharing.  Once they have a learning experience, a follow up activity shows evidence of learning – through art, records or a worksheet – in developmentally appropriate ways.”

In the garden of God’s love . . .

The director added, “Where would we be without faith?  This is a great time in a child’s development, where they genuinely appreciate what God has provided them, in their families, schools, church and nature.  We celebrate – through bible stories, the example of historical saintly heroes and revering holy days – what good things God has done for us.  We help children to develop reverence, respect and awe in our church liturgy.  We pray throughout our day, knowing that God holds a special place in His heart for the prayers of His children.”

This Summer’s “Science Camp” . . .

This summer the preschool will hold its first-ever Science Camp.  Children will have lessons and hands-on experiments daily.  Week-long topics include: Laws of Physics games, Space & Astronaut experiments, Earth Treasures: fossils & rocks, Under the Sea: shell collection, starfish, & other creatures, and nature art classes in the style of Eric Carle.  Check out the schedule of summer activities!

For more information contact the preschool:

1170 S. Broadway

Escondido, CA 92025

760-745-1611 ext. 301

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