Escondido, CA
Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Something in the air tonight

You can feel it in the air, the optimism and the pent up demand to get out and breath the fresh air, take a big gulp, smile and begin the process of returning to normalcy. It feels good.

And, we’re getting the green light that we can start planning for a Fall Grand Avenue Festival! October will be upon us sooner than we think, and if we all continue to do our part, we’ll look to celebrate this tried and true Escondido annual celebration. Mark your calendars now for Sunday, October 17.

Plus, we’re hearing that Cruisin’ Grand, too, is making plans to start up again. We are not going to speculate as to when but, good to know this Escondido tradition lives on.

Through all of these trying times, it’s interesting to see that new businesses are choosing Escondido to open up or expand. Here are just a few of the companies which have opened/expanded in the last 12 months in Escondido: Tony Pepperoni, Barrel Republic, The Grand Project that includes The Ritz and Manzanita Roasting Company, Sydnee’s Pet Grooming, The Goodwill, Four Tunas Fish & Bar, Companion Animal Health & Rehabilitation, and more.

Yes, there are closings of businesses and we see them as we drive the market but there is optimism and opportunity which is why I push hard to support local businesses every chance you have.

And we couldn’t be more proud to be partnering with Escondido Charter High School, National Electrical Contractor Association, and Electrical Training Institute as we gather this Monday on-campus to share with a select group of interested students and exposing them to the opportunities beyond the traditional 4-year college education. It’s a hands-on demonstration of the options there are in the trades. High pay, designated savings/retirement programs along with great medical benefits and a chance to be a part of some really exciting projects are just a few of the opportunities which will be demonstrated. Thank you to our Board Chair Don Romo, Shawn Roner, Executive Director of American Heritage Charter Schools and Board Member of the Chamber along with Karen Prescott-Loeffler with NECA in getting this program off the ground. We’re excited to partner together and present these opportunities to students in Escondido. With the need for skilled labor outpacing the market this option must be presented as another pathway to success that all students should be aware of. Stay tuned for more on this program.

I’d also like to take a moment to recognize a couple of the key programs we have here at the Chamber. These include our monthly Government Affairs, Economic Development and Education Committee meetings. These committees are a vital way to connect our business/education/government communities. The committees are chaired by select members of our Board of Directors and are essential in implementing the direction of the Chamber at large and achieving our goals. The committee’s meet monthly and you are welcome to attend.

Our current committee chairs are as follows: Government Affairs Chair, Stan Weiler; Economic Development Chair, Wehay Quisquis; and Education Chair, Dr. Luis Rankins-Ibarra.

Please check out the Chamber’s website for a list of these upcoming committee meetings.

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