Escondido, CA

Some noteworthy changes

By JAMES ROWTEN, CEO Escondido Chamber of Commerce

So the New Year has begun and with it come some noteworthy changes. Let’s review some of the political changes:

-New City Council make-up in Escondido

-New County Board of Supervisor representation

-Darrell Issa is back representing the 50th District

-City of Escondido will have a new City Manager (thank you for your 20+ years of service Jeff)

These are some important changes to our community and as with change there comes opportunity.

We thank Kristin Gaspar and Olga Diaz for their service to our community and welcome Terra Lawson-Remer, Tina Inscoe and Joe Garcia who are the latest additions to serve as representatives for us.

We also want to thank all who selflessly ran for office but, didn’t win this time. I admire those that choose to serve and are willing to sacrifice much to represent us.

Politics is a brutal business.

The Chamber is here to work together with all of our elected officials and City/County representative’s in guiding the business community through this pandemic and are ready to help when a recovery begins.

And, there will be a recovery; there will be a brighter day and a return to “normal” times. No one knows yet what that new normal looks like but we have an opportunity to make things better.

The Chamber just held a very informative webinar this morning regarding the latest funding monies coming to businesses in our community. Danny Fitzgerald the Regional Director, SBDC presented on the current state of funding available to businesses in our community. Many businesses are hurting and some are barely holding on and in dire need of help. Danny succinctly presented what is available and what is coming to help. If you were not able to attend this morning, here is a link to view the webinar on our Youtube channel. Thank you to Danny and all who participated this morning.

Look for more ways to connect with the Chamber this year as we present more information based meetings throughout the year. For now these are virtual but with time we will begin to transition from virtual to a hybrid virtual/in-person presentation format with key stakeholders in our community.

I also want to introduce a new twist on this weekly newsletter column. Beginning next month I am inviting different board members from the Chamber to guest write this column. The Chamber is guided by our board and our board members are hand selected based on their ability to add to our impact and willingness to serve. They are great group of individuals who care about our community and are willing to give of their time and expertise to help others in our business community through the Chamber.

I am choosing to take an optimistic outlook with each day I wake up this year. I am battled tested and ready to do my part to help make things better for you and me. Join me and the Chamber as we navigate our way to a brighter future.




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