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Some notable quotes

Last week, during my comments about wine, I mentioned the movie “Sideways” and how it changed consumer taste in wine. When on their trip to the California wine country one of the two men said in disgust, “I’m not drinking any more xxxxx Merlot” and instead purchased Pino Noir. That statement was responsible for getting us to try a wine other than Merlot. And we chose the Pinot. Whenever I purchase wine and see a bottle of Merlot I think about that movie quote and chuckle as I grab a bottle of Pinot or perhaps Shiraz or Malbec.

For many years I occasionally thought about how the movie’s name came to be until two or three years ago watching an episode of Undercover Boss when the newly hired CEO of Kendall Jackson Winery went out into the field to learn about vineyard management which he knew almost nothing about. As the UC Davis educated viticulturist was explaining the process she mentioned how when vines are planted they begin to grow up but when they reach a height of 3 feet? the vines have to be turned SIDEWAYS so as to not have the new vines fall over and die. 

Voila! hence the name.

Now that you are no doubt impressed—the above quote got me to thinking about other notable movie quotes. It probably started with “Gone With The Wind” when Rhett Butler left Scarlett at Tara and as he leaves her speechless says, “Frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn.” Then there was Bogart in “Casablanca” saying, “Play it again Sam.” Probably one of the most memorable quotes was from Don Corleone (“The Godfather”) saying, “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.” “It’s in the hole” is one from “Caddyshack” that is no doubt spoken more often than any other movie quote. I’ve said this before but when some yahoo yells that out from the T-box on a par 4 hole he should be ejected from the course.

Then “A League of Their Own” has given us the quote that comes alive every baseball season when Manager Duggan chastises a player with, “There’s no crying in baseball, there’s no crying in baseball.” For me, the second best part of that movie was at the end of the credits when a batter disputes a called strike getting in the umps face and doing a Billy Martin on him which is kicking dirt on his shoes. The ump’s response is priceless. “Yesterday it might have been a ball, tomorrow it might be a ball, but today it’s a strike.” Do we really want technology behind the plate and miss this?

Speaking of technology: Did you watch any of 60 Minutes last night? I’m not a big fan of the show especially since the death of Andy Rooney but during halftime of the USC/Oregon game I switched over to catch the segment on robots. Oh my gosh, all the robots were so human-like. The good part is that they do have to be programmed and do not possess cognitive ability, Whew! Unlike a movie I saw over 20 years ago about a family who purchased a robot to do household chores and by the end of the movie the robot had taken control of the family. Fear not of robots. I hope.

If you live in an area with a Homeowners Association be aware what legislators in Sacramento are preparing for all of us known as AB410. Your CC&Rs will mean almost nothing in protecting your environment. Proposals include that the HOA cannot prohibit an owner from renting out rooms. Also, during a declared emergency it prohibits HOAs from pursuing enforcement actions of any kind. This part is interesting. Today, homeowners in an HOA serve on the Board of Directors to assure compliance with the CC&Rs. This bill would require training, for BOD directors and all employees, on “ethics and harassment prevention.” You still think we need a full-time legislature? Oh, and this is in addition to the State overreach ultimately making single family subdivisions obsolete.

The other day I read a nice feel-good story about professional golfer Haley Moore who is a graduate of San Pasqual High School. She has been on the pro tour a few years and was playing in the Kia Classic at Aviara in Carlsbad and finished about mid pack. I was hoping to read a comment from her high school coach Jenny Cole who herself was quite the golfer. I remember playing in a few tournaments and when I saw her there it was a foregone conclusion that Cole would win the women’s longest drive trophy and also out drove the men. I have to believe Haley is as good as she is due to her earlier instructions. Good job Haley.

It took a while to get here but here goes. SGTRUKN, whaddy think? UDY TON and LINYHOP, no clue. MYREGAL, proud Buick owner. BTW, how many masks do you have on?

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