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So which way is it?


As much as I would prefer writing about something other than the current, not unprecedented, pandemic there are still comments to made. Previously I reported some issues that are a bit confusing to us all. The other day, for the first time, I did some shopping at the Walmart supermarket. When approaching the checkout observing the six foot spacing I asked if the store had bags since I saw a shopper before me putting all her items in the cart sans any bags. 

The clerk said they did not have bags but I could use my own—to wit I went out to my car for two bags. This is contrary to other stores which do not allow customers to bring in their own bags. What? Which is the Fauci way?

What research was done and who decided that you should sing “Happy Birthday” two times when washing your hands? What happens if someone should forget some of the words or heaven forbid they only sing the song one time. And at what tempo do you sing since some will sing faster than others perhaps just to get it done? The Family Circus cartoon strip some days ago showed Dolly calling to her mom that Jeffy had sung “Happy Birthday” only one time while washing his hands. Oh the horror!

How about regular washing of the face mask? With all the specifics being touted about personal safety, i.e., the six feet separation in public and sanitizing everything and not touching our nose, what is considered regular. Is it daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly? I have seen people toting many laundry baskets full of clothes into a laundromat which looks likes some week’s worth of laundry. At least I see most people wearing a facial covering, including some that look a lot like a gas mask. A bit much I say.

The best news of all is that we are finally seeing people being able to go back to work including barbers and hairdressers. You have no idea how happy I am to see that. It’s been three months since my last haircut and with my hair down to my collar now—not since the ‘70’s—I couldn’t be happier. Last Friday I stopped by the shop to make an appointment with the woman who has been cutting my hair the past 25 years and the earliest I could get is this Thursday. Can’t wait. To be honest I almost feel like having her give me a buzz cut. Not. Reminds me when I got my first GI cut. It really felt so good to get rid of my long hair which I could pull down to my chin. Of course, now my forehead is a bit further away.

The other day I watched the “Restaurant Impossible” show about the fundraiser for Kaitlyn Rose Pilsbury, owner of Rosie’s Cafe. Escondido received some good publicity and Grand Avenue looked really nice including the vacuum cleaner shop which has been a staple downtown for over 45 years. And, our Deputy City Manager William Wolfe was on camera having a special multi-course dinner inside the restaurant when he was asked to critique the filet mignon entree which he described as the best he’s ever had. James Beard move over.

If Rosie’s accident wasn’t bad enough, along comes the pandemic which closed the restaurant for over two months. For anyone from the NYC area, they serve Taylor Pork Roll a breakfast staple that I had missed for 46 years until breakfast at Rosie’s a year ago. Let’s all help get Rosie’s back to being a profitable business which also helps Grand Avenue, Escondido become a point of destination.

This is interesting: About a week ago I was in a 7-11 store and noticed a jar on the counter with a sign that asked if you liked the service please tip. A tip jar at a retail store? I thought Starbucks was the only store with the chutzpah to request you tip the counter person. What’s next, tipping the cashier at your local supermarket or department store for ringing up your purchase? The tip that you leave any store is coming back.

And now, what you all have waited for, at least some of you, the personalized license plate. IVC JAJJ with a US Army frame. I have no idea what this could mean. Perhaps Judge Advocate something?

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  1. Hal Hobbs says:

    Poor Ed Gallo. I remember him driving a dilapidated car with the front bumper hanging off. He sure loved the free food at community events. It appears he is now attempting a new side gig as a comedy writer. But he is failing at that, too, as he did when he barely got 2000 votes in the 2018 election. Perhaps he can explain what a “point of destination” is. A popular attraction is typically called a destination point. Maybe someone can start a gofundme for poor Ed and purchase him a dictionary. Or at least a new suit.

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