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Oh boy! Here we go again! When we are so close to being allowed to somewhat resume our lives to what we previously knew as normal comes another slap in the face caused by the current worldwide pandemic. It’s not known if these new conditions will hopefully be gone by the June 15 date when Gov. Newsome removes most of the restrictions that have governed our lives the past 13 months.

It has been reported that there is an impending shortage of the little catsup, or ketchup if you prefer, packets due to not enough tomatoes? The next time you go through a restaurant drive thru or have meals home delivered you will not have the requisite number of those little catsup packages if you get any at all. This news had led to people hoarding those packets and even offering them for sale on Ebay. Just remember that hoarding led to a shortage of toilet paper for retail sale. Perhaps people will be going door to door selling catsup packs as they did with toilet paper.

Just a word of caution to be aware of a potential shortage of bottled catsup in the markets as word spreads about the catsup pack shortage. I can tell you this now because I have already stocked my cupboard with an ample supply of the world’s number one condiment. As a kid, I remember putting catsup on eggs but I eventually grew out of doing that. Perhaps some of you still do so better get some backup. I haven’t heard about a mustard shortage and you might be able to double up with that.

Now, if the above isn’t bad enough I recently read from the New York Times, “A panic erupted on the West Coast this week over a drink.” It has been reported that there is a shortage of tapioca a key ingredient in boba tea. Unlike catsup, which I use, I have never tasted boba tea so the tapioca shortage is of no consequence to me. However, it will be catastrophic to some such as this student at UC Irvine who said of the news, “I was shocked. What am I going to do now?” Somehow this statement doesn’t surprise me. No further comment.

Congratulations to Greg Koch and Steve Wagner, owners of Stone Brewing Company, who will be celebrating 25 years in business with 17 of those years headquartered here in Escondido. 

Actually, they will not have their usual fund raising celebration this year due to the pandemic restrictions and are planning on celebrating 25+1 in 2022. Stone is not only recognized as one of the premier craft brewing companies in the world but have been noted for their philanthropy to many worthy causes. In 2004, I participated in their “Do Your Do Blue” fundraiser for cancer research raising money with my hair dyed blue. This is but one of their many charitable endeavors. Cheers!

This is too funny. This past Saturday while channel surfing I tuned into the Lawrence Welk Show. I suppose in its day it was “wunnerful wunnerful.” Do you remember Myron Floren on the accordion? Does anyone play accordion anymore? How about Bobby and Sissy dancing and oh my gosh the colorful suits. This episode the orchestra members were wearing bright orange suits and of course the wide lapels and wide ties. I still have some ties waiting for a return.

Actually, growing up this was one of the shows as kids we had to watch along with Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, the Gillette Cavalcade of Sports aka The Friday Night Fights and, of course, all the other family wholesome TV shows of the time. Speaking of olden days TV fare did you ever notice that Marshal Dillon drank while on the job? I recently have watched some episodes on a channel showing many of the old black and white westerns and every show he goes into the Longbranch Saloon for a beer sometimes a shot of red eye while on duty. In today’s world he would be so fired from the job. Of course, we all know why he went to the Longbranch. Wink, wink Kitty.

As fundraisers go, this next one is quite innovative. The State of Colorado is auctioning off cannabis themed license plates. California probably won’t allow this. Colorado says the revenue from sales will go to the Colorado Disability Funding Committee. There are 14 personalized plates for auction including these beauties, BONG, GANJA, TEGRIDY, HASH and ISIT420. Those of you who don’t know of 420 ask your kid or a neighbor for the explanation.

My bland plates include EG 4X4, That’s not mine but I could be driving this cool truck. I don’t think the owner takes it four wheeling since it was so clean. A nice ride. The cannabis plates are easier to figure out than DRAMROC or LALOPCG. Don’t forget your mask.

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