Escondido, CA

Show exhibits photos of three Escondido friends

“Gettin’ Along” by Major Morris.

 “Life Stories: Fifty Years of Black and White Photography” at Gallery 21, Spanish Village, Balboa Park, through May 13, exhibits the works of three San Diego County photographers Major Morris (1921-2016), Will Gibson, and Kurt Lightfoot. 

Major Morris (1921-2016), Educator/Photographer lived in Escondido.

Will Gibson, current, photography professor at Palomar College, lives in Escondido

Kurt Lightfoot, current, photographer, lives in Oceanside.

The 3 of them met through Distinction Art Gallery in Escondido.  Melissa Walker from Distinction Gallery/Art Hatch has worked with all of them/currently with Will and Kurt.  My husband’s photography is still on display in her Gallery.

The three photographers became friends in the early 2000s in Escondido. In this exhibition, the photographers use classic black and white to explore life from their different perspectives and experiences.

The show runs 11 a.m.–4 p.m. daily. 

Major Morris’s work centers on the urban experience in the Civil Rights era of 1960’s and 1970’s in the northeast U.S. Images include photos from the 1968 Poor People’s March on Washington, and intimate looks of the neighborhoods and school children of urban Boston. Born into an under-privileged urban environment himself in Cincinnati, Ohio, Morris stated about his photographs of children: “In my photographic experience I have always been drawn to capturing images of what life was for me as I groped my way through an underprivileged youthful existence… and in capturing those images, expressing what I feel about the strength and beauty of those children who refuse to be victims.”

Will Gibson in contrast grew up in the mostly white suburbia of Alhambra California. He currently is an instructor in Photography at Palomar College. He will show his Alhambra Farewell portfolio of silver gelatin prints as homage to the home his family had to give up after his parents’ deaths in 1994. Utilizing light painting techniques, the haunting imagery will be accompanied with a symbolic replica room installation complete with furniture in the photographs. In addition, there will be selected images dating back to 1968 with stand-alone ‘life stories’. 

Kurt Lightfoot will show work from his Urban Coastal portfolio in a trio of triptychs, Urbanscape, Fog, and Pier. This body-of-work is a visual narrative about the unique lifestyle ethos that emerges when urban landscapes and coastal seascapes meet. Urban Coastal shares subtle, emotive, visual symbols and metaphors about that ethos.

There will be ample written information available to expand the appreciation of all three bodies of work. Each day Anne-Grethe Morris, Will Gibson or Kurt Lightfoot will be at the gallery. 

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“Urbanscape” by Kurt Lightfoot.


“Night Couch” by Will Gibson, who is one of the artists featured in “Life Stories: Fifty Years of Black and White Photography.”

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