Escondido, CA

Shish Kabobs



It is sweltering hot here in California this week! Summer is officially here and that means barbecue time! There are so many things you can cook up outside on the grille. One of my go to’s when I want something fast and good are shish kabobs. I made beef, chicken and vegetable kabobs marinated in garlic, olive oil and salt/pepper. Sometimes people stop by more often during the summer as well so this is a perfect crowd pleaser ! You can do so many variations of these. Remember, metal skewers are best over high heat, but if you do use wood, soak them in water prior to putting your kabob ingredients on the




Enjoy and stay cool!

Chicken breast cubed
Steak cubed
Cherry tomatoes
Onions cubed
2 cups olive oil
4 cloves minced garlic
1/2 cup Balsamic vinaigrette

Marinate the meats ( yes even the bacon! ) in the olive oil, garlic, balsamic and
salt/pepper mixture for at least an hour. The flavor comes out better the longer
you marinate. Take a skewer and place meat and veggies on each rod. Alternate
meat and veggies. Grill until meat is done. This usually goes pretty quick around
15 minutes. Serve with some rice, salad or corn on the cob to complete your
meal. Remember you meals do not have to be fancy to be good. You can choose
what you want on these skewers and make them your own! Have fun with your
summer grilling time!

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