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Shakey’s pizza to open at old Sizzler

Something’s shaking at the old vacant Sizzler steak house on Escondido Boulevard across the street from the California Center for the Arts, Escondido. It’s being converted into a Shakey’s Pizza restaurant sometime this summer.

Michael Crone, with James Crone & Associates, Inc. represents the landlords of the Civic Center Plaza, which also includes the Regal Cinemas Escondido 16, PetSmart, U.S. post office, Smart & Final, and many other retail shopping venues.

Shakey’s is the oldest pizza restaurant in the country and has more than 500 franchises all over the United States.   The new tenant has already started construction. “It should be a good addition to the center,” said Crone, who noted that the building has been vacant for about eight years. “We were working with a couple of interested renters. The ones we signed the lease with liked the closeness to the Center for the Arts.”

Crone said Shakey’s has a planned date of opening sometime in July, depending on when the city issues the permits. “They are going to use the existing building,” he said. “They will do a considerable amount of tenant improvements.  The building will look the same but different with a nice facelift.”

4 responses to “Shakey’s pizza to open at old Sizzler”

  1. Pam Cinnamon says:

    I am so excited for the new addition to that empty site!! As a kid I lived in rockford Illinois and my parents took us to the Shakey’s pizza ! It was a blast for everyone, from the piano and banjo players and the old songs , to the long tables that encouraged a fun community feel. To the yummy food! It was a great night out for the whole family.

    • Terri Wilcox says:

      I grew up with a Shakeys in Clairemont in San Diego in the 60’s. I hope it has a player piano and we can watch them make the pizza. Can’t wait.

  2. Leander Williams says:

    I am jazzed that Shakey’s Pizza will be opening a location in Escondido. I grew up in Fresno in the 50’s, and I remember there was a Shakey’s a few years before Round Table popped up. Even after Round Table came in to existence, my family preferred Shakey’s…
    Welcome to Escondido.


    • Mike says:

      Don’t be fooled these new Shakey’s is not your Dads Shakey’s, not even close. The pizza is not the same, they don’t have Buttons (fried Mushrooms) they wont have the pipe organ or banjo. Round Table is still the best Tasting pizza around.

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