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‘Serve Day’ at Kit Carson Park

This little member of the Church of Rancho Bernardo gets into the act with gusto as he joins about 1,000 others who took part in ‘Serve Day’ on Saturday at Kit Carson Park and elsewhere.

RB church has ‘Serve Day’ in Escondido

The Church at Rancho Bernardo had their annual Serve Day in Escondido on Saturday.

Serve Day was an opportunity for the church to get outside the walls of our church building and into the community to give back. According to a spokesman: “We had over 1,100 people show up to beautify Kit Carson Park and San Pasqual High School as well as pack gift bags for 1,500 struggling families in Escondido.”

2 responses to “‘Serve Day’ at Kit Carson Park”

  1. Cynthia Simpson says:

    We just started attending this church and couldn’t be more happier with this place. The young pastor is a great teacher and we always leave with something from the message that helps us to become more Christlike in our interactions with others. Boy, do we need this! If you are looking for a friendly church that is easy on newcomers, this is it. They don’t make you raise your hand or stand up if your new, and you can get involved or not. Serve Day is just one way they help the community.

  2. SoCal Baker says:

    Pretty bad when a Church from RB has to come to a great Escondido Park, to clean it and feed the homeless, what is wrong Escondido?

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