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Serious injury hit and run – SUV vs Motorcycle

On February 10 at 4:47 PM, Escondido Police, and Fire personnel responded to a report of a collision in the area of Washington Avenue and Hickory Street. Emergency personnel arrived and discovered a 53-year-old injured motorcyclist. The motorcyclist was transported to Palomar Medical Center for treatment.

Based on witness statements and physical evidence at the scene, the motorcycle was traveling westbound on Washington Avenue at or below the posted speed limit. A vehicle attempted to make a left turn from a private driveway at 412 E. Washington Avenue. The motorcyclist struck the vehicle and was ejected from the bike.

The motorcyclist, a San Diego resident, suffered significant lower extremity fractures and is currently undergoing surgery. The driver of the other vehicle fled the scene and was not identified. The suspect vehicle was described as a dark green Jeep Grand Cherokee or similar vehicle. The vehicle has black primer paint spots and missing or damaged front-end equipment.

The Escondido Police Department is asking anyone who witnessed the accident or has information about the driver who fled, to come forward. Officer Frank Huston is the investigating officer and can be reached at 760-839-4423.

One response to “Serious injury hit and run – SUV vs Motorcycle”

  1. Michelle says:

    How many people have to be injured or die on Washington?! I have lived here less than three years and have seen two fatalities and two very serious car accidents on top of 100 other fender bender‘s and a million close calls. I’ve called EPD several times to complain and have never seen the ticket guy on this street yet I see him a couple streets over on Grand, regularly. All up and down Washington is red curb. But you drive down here anytime during the day and you will find minimum of 10 vehicles parked in the red zone and that’s just between Ash and Juniper. Usually big trucks, work vans, vehicles that completely block the view of oncoming traffic. Pulling out of my driveway each morning with my kids in the car is like playing Russian roulette. Second problem is the amount of people speeding on the street. It’s a 35, not a 45 or 50! What’s it gonna take people?! 😡

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