Escondido, CA

Senior Anglers welcome fine artist angler

The Senior Anglers will welcome wildlife artist Jill Field-Duerr to their May 12 meeting.

A painter and fisherman since childhood, Jill Field-Duerr grew up fishing with her family in the Eastern Sierras and the Oregon coast. Having been compared to American masters such as Whistler, Moran, Homer, and influences by the French masters, her artworks are not illustrations, but art in its highest capacity. Her depictions of trout have taken on a heightened form of realism.

Part of Field-Duerr’s mission is to also donate to organizations and foundations that participate in the preservation and conservation of land and fisheries that support the great tradition of fly fishing.

“People often ask me if I catch the fish that I paint. The answer is yes,” said Field-Duerr.

The club’s meeting will be on Friday, May 12, open to all anglers ages 50 and above, at the Park Avenue Community Center, 210 Park Ave., Escondido. Meetings start at 9:30 a.m.

Members of the club enjoy local surf and freshwater fishing, summer saltwater charters, RV camping, and community service to help kids go fishing.

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