Escondido, CA

Senator Jones’s blood drive collects 29 units

Jennifer Andrews, wife of Senator Jones’s aid Aaron Andrews, shows off the t-shirt that she got for donating blood.

Senator Brian Jones of the 38th District and the Red Cross joined forces Wednesday, December 23 for a blood drive in the parking lot of the Escondido Chamber of Commerce.

A spokesman from the senator’s office told The Times-Advocate, “This blood drive was very successful with 29 units collected from 25 blood donors.”

Jennifer Andrews, one of the donors, who was given a t-shirt for her life-saving donation, said, “I donate blood as an opportunity to give back.  I happen to be ‘O negative’ which is the universal donor blood type so this is an opportunity that I can do to help others.” 

The shirt is part of the Red Cross holiday donation drive- anyone who donates during the holiday will be given a shirt. 

Here is the website to find out more about donating blood and to find a blood drive near you.

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