Escondido, CA

Senator Brian Jones holds Escondido town hall

Recently Senator Brian Jones of the 38th District held his first town hall since being elected at the Veterans Memorial Hall in Escondido. Some of the issues the senator discussed with the over 120 attendees were Real ID, gas and electricity prices, housing, disability support services, and election integrity. His staff was also there to assist constituents that needed help with state agencies. The senator commented, “I hosted this town hall meeting to make sure I set aside the time to hear from you on what issues are most important to you and also answer any questions you might have about the state government.” 

If you missed the town hall meeting but need help or have questions for me, feel free to reach out to me by emailing or by calling 619-596-3136.

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  1. Tim Henkel says:

    I am encouraged to see you are getting out in the community to hear the concerns of the people. I am a retired Navy SEAL and FBI agent. Being a public servant for the majority of my life I appreciate the fact you care enough to go out and listen to the concerns of the people you represent. I have not done enough research to know if I agree with all of your views but it appears you are trying to do what is right for our country and state. Thank you for your service!

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