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Sears closes at Westfield Mall


One of the last remaining Sears stores in San Diego, the Sears in Westfield Mall, has begun closing. Sears has been with the mall since it opened, as one of its anchor stores. Since February of 2019 when Transformco purchased the assets of the troubled national brand, which includes K Mart it has been closing stores all over the U.S., with the goal of keeping open a core of 182 successful locations. 

Escondido Chamber of Commerce CEO James Rowten commented, “Sears is a great example of what can happen to brands who do not keep up with the times. Although a once mighty brand and the ‘go-to store’ for many Boomers the SEARS brand has become obscure with no real identity to Gen Xer’s,and the Gen Y Millennials. Ask a 25 year old about the familiarity of the following brands: Amazon, PayPal, Bitcoin, Twitter or Sears and you can get an idea of why they are closing. I’ve warned about Amazon and the downside to all the convenience and relative ease of use with the baggage that comes with using one resource for almost all of your needs. The Sears closing is proof of what can happen to brick and mortar retailers when they don’t change with the needs of their market.”

7 responses to “Sears closes at Westfield Mall”

  1. Marilyn Dant says:

    It’s a shame, as Sears mail order was hugely successful at one time.

  2. Jo\an says:

    This article, was relevant except for the last line: ‘Sears is an example………it should have read more like this,

    Sears Roebuck Co. will be the example of the one Brick and Morter Retail store who served America for 108 odd years and served us all well.

  3. mpvaught says:

    Personally, I’m glad to see it go! Especially The auto service department in Escondido ‘blonde female manager in her 30s ’ and her studs were messing up people’s cars deliberately and getting away with it.

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