Escondido, CA

SD County prepares to enter lockdown for second time

For the first time since March, San Diego County as part of larger Southern California region, is preparing to go into a lockdown order this weekend, or if you prefer, a “stay-at-home” order.

The executive order by Governor Gavin Newsom is triggered in each region by reaching a point where only 15 percent of hospital ICU beds are available.  On Friday, the state’s Department of Public Health announced the current ICU capacity in the Southern California region at 13.1%.

The regional stay-at-home order, which lasts three weeks, will including the ban of gatherings of people from different households. It will go into effect in San Diego County at 12:01 a.m. Monday.

So that means one more day of frenzied outdoor dining Sunday before the only prepared meals people get will be curbside pick-up or delivery by Uber Eats, Door Dash or its equivalents.

Retail stores may only operate at 20% capacity.

Restaurants can stay open and can only offer takeout and delivery service.

Several businesses (or government facilities) will also be forced to close, including:

  • indoor and outdoor playgrounds (parks may stay open, structures will close)
  • indoor recreational facilities
  • hair salons and barbershops
  • personal care services
  • museums, zoos, and aquariums
  • movie theaters
  • wineries, bars, breweries, and distilleries
  • family entertainment centers
  • card-rooms and satellite wagering
  • limited services
  • live audience sports
  • amusement parks
  • campgrounds:  overnight stays are not permitted.
  • offices: remote only – except critical infrastructure sectors when remote is not possible.

Businesses have 48 hours to comply with the new health order.

Schools with a waiver, “critical infrastructure,” retail stores at 20% capacity, and restaurants offering takeout and delivery service can stay open. Hotels can also remain open “for critical infrastructure support only,” and churches would be limited to outdoor services.



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