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SD County faces lockdown again

Governor Gavin Newsom announced Wednesday that San Diego County is now in the Purple Tier. If  the County remains in the Purple Tier as of next Tuesday, businesses will be shut down again beginning that Friday.

San Diego County was in the “Red” Tier for several weeks but now we have had enough extra COVID cases to be downgraded to Purple.  If we have another week of purple by next Tuesday then we have to start shutting down businesses on the Friday following that next Tuesday.
The result: Churches, Restaurants, Gyms, etc would no longer be able to host indoor customers. Nor would movie theaters,  museums and cardrooms. If a school has not yet opened for in-person classroom instruction it cannot open if we drift back into the Purple Tier.
The difference between Red and Purple is one more case per 100,000 testing positive. So if there are seven cases or less per 100,000, San Diego remains at Red Tier. More than seven cases we go into the Purple Tier.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    There are typos in this and the sentence about red and purple and 7 or less/ more cases is backwards i think.

  2. Believe in Jesus says:

    Believe in Jesus

  3. Romans 10:9 says:

    Believe in Jesus

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