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School, multiple locations tagged with graffiti

Over the weekend a gang of taggers in a neighborhood near East Mission Avenue hit a school and multiple fences and businesses. Police are investigating.

Saturday night one resident described seeing a silver and white F-150 truck with several teenagers, driving through the normally relatively quiet residential neighborhood, leaving a trail of tagging on about 40 locations, including the 7-Eleven and the Glen View Elementary School. 

The neighborhood has been hit by taggers multiple times in the last 18 months. 

Escondido Police say the incident may be gang related.

The latest from EPD spokesman Lt. Ed Varso was that no arrests have been made yet. 

Varso added, “Escondido Police detectives are actively investigating these incidents of vandalism.  Acts of vandalism will not be tolerated.  Those arrested for such offenses not only face jail time, but the City of Escondido will pursue financial restitution to cover the costs associated with investigating these crimes and removing the graffiti.  Anyone with information about these crimes can leave an anonymous tip at 760-743-TIPS (8477).  City work crews will remove graffiti found on public property.  To report graffiti found on public property call 760-839-4668, or use the Escondido ‘Report It’ smartphone app.”

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