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School district honors students, staff and community peacemakers at annual event

Middle school students, staff, and a community member, were honored at the Escondido Union School District’s 18th Annual Season for Nonviolence Commemorative Event on Wednesday, March 15, at Hidden Valley Middle School.  This year awardees were honored for showing kindness towards others, being inclusive and respectful, and serving as an example of peace and nonviolence for others at their school and in the community.

The honorees were:

Bear Valley Middle School:  (6th) Eddie Noordyk, Ava Rogers; (7th) Eliza Capitulo, Anna Exline; (8th) Annie Davis, Angelina Gyves; (Staff) Janet Manier

Del Dios Academy of Arts and Science: (6th) Erika Gaxiola, Anthony Jimenez McLaughlin; (7th) Eric Barrera, Sade Ruiz; (8th) Daniel Casarrubias, Bryan Montoya; (Staff Member) Gregory Fryan

Hidden Valley Middle School: (6th) Andrea Carrillo Chico, Abraham Luciano Gonzalez; (7th) Roxana Ferrer Rios, Ayden Phrakonkham; (8th) Otsmar Erreguin Mendiola; (Staff) Vicki Sullivan

Mission Middle School: (6th) Tee Gomez Valentin, Ariana Gonzalez Campos; (7th) Itzel Melchor – Itzel, Fernando Serrano; (8th) Guillermo DeLaFuente, Prescilla Pena; (Staff) David Russell

Quantum Academy at the Nicolaysen Center:  (6th) Sergio Flores, Keira Ontiveros; (7th) Cielo Loy, Morgan Riddle; (Staff) Courtney Framel

Rincon Middle School:  (6th) Blake Bakkela, Riley Baldwin; (7th) Abigail Lopez, Joanna Punzalan; (8th) Raquel Lucas, Nicolas Navarro; (Staff) Elizabeth Covarrubias

Dr. David Taylor, senior operations director for school-based and integrated behavioral health services for Vista Hill, was honored for his contributions to peace and nonviolence through the creation and implementation of school-based programs linking youth with mental health services.

The Season for Nonviolence takes place annually from January 30 – April 4 to commemorate the anniversaries of the deaths of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  During the Season for Nonviolence, all EUSD schools host activities to promote peace such as peace walks, assemblies, and community service projects.

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