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San Diego’s agriculture: food for the world



This region is a major contributor to California’s longstanding status as the nation’s leading agricultural state. Lo­cally grown crops including citrus, avo­cados, strawberries, olives, grapes and cut flowers have put San Diego in the top tier of the nation’s agricultural counties.

California’s 76,400 farms produce over one-third of the country’s veg­etables and two-thirds of its fruits and nuts, generating approximately $54 bil­lion in revenue. That’s 13 percent of to­tal

U.S. agricultural production.

San Diego County agriculture covers 268,000 acres, with over 37 commodi­ties valued at more than $1 million. The county contains 5,732 farms, more than any other county in the United States. Even though 68% of our farms range from one to nine acres, our annual pro­duction is valued at over $1.8 billion, making San Diego the 20th largest ag­ricultural county in the United States. As many of you know, the heart of San Diego County agriculture is right here, in the 75th Assembly District.

In 2014, the San Diego County Farm Bureau celebrated its centennial anni­versary. But the history of farming goes back even further when dairy farming, citrus groves and cattle ranches covered most of our region, and berries were harvested on ocean view coastal farms.

This year I was proud to recognize Burnett “Tig” Wohlford, a descendant of one of those pioneering farming families, with an Assembly Resolution recognizing him as San Diego County Farm Bureau’s Farmer of the Year. I’m sure Tig would agree that there is a whole lot of farming going on in the 75th Assembly District.

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