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Saluting law enforcement

Now seems an appropriate time to salute the brave men and women of law enforcement. Without them, our lives of safety, security and freedom wouldn’t be possible.

This region is fortunate to have the San Diego County Sheriff’s Depart­ment, covering the unincorporated ar­eas and the cities of Vista and San Mar­cos, along with two municipal police departments, which serve the cities of Temecula and Escondido. In addition, the California Highway Patrol is ever present along our freeways and local highways.

In response to the recent tragedy in Dallas, Escondido Police Chief Craig Carter issued the following statement to the men and women of his department:

“We all took an oath to protect and serve and it is exactly in these times we are needed most. You all represent what is the best in our honorable profession and I am confident that you will all con­tinue to be professional as the nation watches our reaction.”

I couldn’t agree more. I am in fre­quent contact with Chief Carter and other local police officials regarding legislation that impacts public safety in our state and region. I also take great pride in publicly acknowledging the bravery and sacrifice of our men and women in blue. One example is the up­coming Scottish Rite Law Enforcement Recognition Night, at which officers from throughout San Diego County will be receiving Assembly certificates from me honoring their service.

National events aside, the burden on our local police is heavy. We owe the men and women of law enforcement our respect and support, and most of all, our heartfelt thanks for their will­ingness to wear a badge in an increas­ingly dangerous world.

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