Escondido, CA

Rumor says decision on city manager may be near

Rumors are flying that a decision on a new city manager may be near at City Hall. The city council members have reportedly been interviewing possible successors to the current city manager, Jeff Epp, and could be close to narrowing that down to one person.

Epp, who was working for the city when the City Hall building opened 30 years ago, spent many years as the city attorney and capped his career as city manager—a position he has held since May 10, 2017—retired July 11 after a total of 35 years in the city’s service.

He has been working as a part-time interim city manager since July on a contract basis, no longer accruing benefits. One reason the city council waited until 2021 to pick his successor was that last year the council had a 2-2 make-up that prevented several decisions from being made. The thought was that it would be better to wait until after the November election to have all the new councilmembers in place for a total of five members so that Epp’s replacement could be selected with a solid vote.

Choosing a city manager is one of the most important decisions that councilmembers have in a city that has a city manager form of government, where that officially actually runs the city.

Epp has been working at City Hall so long that the skeletons he knows about have skeletons! So this writer is looking forward to do an exit interview with him, whenever the new city manager takes office, whether it’s soon or later in the year.

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