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Roynon Museum raises money to repair Woolly the Mammoth

The folks at the Roynon Museum on Grand Avenue were using lots of superlatives last week, including: “magnificent, incomparable, fantastic, outstanding, tremendous, awesome, superb, marvelous, amazing, incredible, astounding, mind-blowing, spectacular, fabulous, wonderful, great, remarkable, superlative, astonishing, the best.”

The museum staff used those words to describe supporters of the museum that helped them reach their goal of enough money to send the skull fossil of “Woolly the Mammoth” and museum director, founder and CEO Keith Roynon, packing up and preparing for the trip to get a face lift.

Readers may recall that at the end of June the Mammoth head exhibit met with an accident, breaking its cranium, mandible and tusk. According to Sherry Bauer, Roynon Museum’s director of education & special events “Unfortunately the wall anchors that were holding into the wall gave way after almost three years.”

The museum needed $3,000 to send the fossil and founder north for repairs and museum supporters came through.

Bauer told The Times-Advocate: “We appreciate Ron Bender and Keith Brown (some wonderful friends and volunteers) for making this trip with Woolly and Mr. Roynon; it is comforting to know that Woolly (and Mr. Roynon) are in good hands on the trip north. We are sure Woolly will come back looking several thousand years younger.”

The place where the fossil will be repaired is just north of Beverly Hills. There’s no completion date, but Roynon will give us updates as things progress.

Bauer added, “We are hoping the “surgeons” can send us some pictures to share during the procedure. Most of all, a huge THANK YOU from the entire staff of volunteers here at the museum. Mr. Roynon is deeply humbled by the outpouring of love your gifts have shown. We will be sure to document and announce Woolly’s return. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


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